James River Capital: Paul Saunders Advises On Leadership Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Improve On

Good leadership is the key to business success, regardless of its is, however, important to note that mastering the art of leadership takes time and effort. Like life, leadership is an ongoing learning process and an art that requires a lot of patience and dedication to master. Having passed through the different stages of leadership and founding one of the most successful alternative investment companies today, James River Capital founder and CEO Paul Saunders advise entrepreneurs and business leaders on the key pillars of leadership each must strive to acquire and how to improve on them.


How to improve leadership according to Paul Saunders


  1. Stop leading and start supporting your team


Rather than boss up and just delegate duties, leaders should focus more on supporting their employees as this encourages them to achieve more. They should take more time to understand the teams they and how to approach each player.


  1. be more approachable by encouraging communications


Opening up to employee ideas and encouraging their listening to their employee ideas makes it easy for their juniors to approach them when they have critical feedback. Employees are often hesitant to approach their bosses even when they have information that could help the business thrive due to the fear that they might say something that will cause them to lose their jobs.


  1. take time to learn and respect the opinions of each team member


Leaders should give every team member an opportunity to speak out their minds as this helps bring together various ideas that push the business forward. Giving each employee and team member an opportunity to have their concerns heard improves the productivity of the different brainstorming sessions while at the same time instilling a sense of belonging in every employee.


About James River Capital


Previously known as KP futures management group, James River capital started off as an alternative investment department for Kidder, Peabody & Co Inc. This however changed in 1995, after Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt completed its acquisition and moved its headquarters to Richmond, Virginia. Since its privatization, the company has undergone several key business changes that helped shape the giant it has become. Currently, the fund has over $570 million in assets under management.


The Saunders firm is registered as an advisor with the SEC and as a commodity trading advisor with CFTF. Today it specializes in corporate and distressed credit, equities, fixed income securities, and futures. Saunders many years of experience dealing with different business challenges, mentoring, and training staff into productive team players has made him an authority figure in the industry. More importantly, it equips him with the necessary skills needed to educate other budding business leaders on how to navigate the murky waters of corporate leadership. Learn more: