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Desiree Perez is widely known for her unique talent in the music business world making her among the recognized women in the globe for her extraordinary work. She is a wife and a business woman. In addition, she has worked with renowned international musicians in signing of contracts and organizing concerts for them. Desiree Perez works for Tidal company where she has utilized her experience and talent in her career and has helped musicians to sell their music through the internet.  Desiree Perez is always committed to her work and this has brought on board many musicians making the company to increase its profit margins each year.

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There are other companies that compete with Tidal but they cannot beat it because of the unique strategies, hard work and commitment. They also apply and make use of modern technologies in selling music. For this reason, many musicians prefer Tidal because it always considers the latest and trendy music which is fit for all type of age groups. The company was started by a group of famous musicians the likes of Beyoncé, Jay-z, Rihanna and others. Through their popularity they have been able to grow the company from a small unit to a recognized company globally.  Source:



The company’s role is streaming of music through the iTunes downloads. The relationship between Perez and Jay-z has also contributed to the success of the company. They have worked hand in hand to ensure that they achieve their goals of growing the company and making profit from the industry. Through this innovation, many other artists who were left out of the industry some years back are able to receive recognition through their music being played on the various internet platforms. The company is making tremendous steps in getting music subscribers from within the country and also from the rest of the world. Perez is determine to make money for any talented musician.  Check this to

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