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Tidal and Desiree Perez

Tidal is a company that is quickly building its reputation regarding music streaming services. Jay-Z bought the company and re-launched it in the year 2015. Though it experienced a series of leaders defecting from their leadership positions, now it is gaining firm ground. Many fans are finding the company reliable in offering great music. For instance, the music by Kanye West, who launched a top-selling album, The Life of Pablo got a great attraction. Since the inception of the album in the Tidal app, it was ranked highly in the iTunes music store.


According to, Tidal has been able to remain firm because of focusing on the new things in the music industry. Tidal focuses on what is new and what is loved by music fans. They make sure they deliver the latest releases which are great so that the fans can remain updated with the most recent hits. Another thing that is unique with Tidal is that they showcase live performances through “Tidal X.” Jay-Z is committed concerning businesses, and that is why he has been able to succeed in a series of companies that he owns. Not many knew that the corporation would be able to succeed in the music streaming business since there are big names which are already in the firm. There are companies such as Apple Music which have established.  With reference to


So for Jay-Z to succeed in the music streaming business, he had to ensure that he is unique in the provision of the music streaming services. Among the things, Tidal did to ensure its uniqueness is providing fans with good quality music. The monthly subscription is also affordable by many music lovers, and that is why millions are already signing up with the company.

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However, concerning the success of business, it is important to have great leaders for the business to succeed. That is what Jay-Z did. He appointed one of the best managers that people least expected. Great artists are essential for music streaming company to excel, but the leadership is also paramount. Jay-Z appointed Desiree Perez to head his team. That was a well-calculated move, and that is why the company was able to regain its stability.

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