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New Vegan EOS review

If you’re one of the many of us that adore all the EOS lip balms, we now have another reason to love these lip smoothing balms. EOS has outdone themselves and created a vegan lip balm. As our awareness of the importance of what we put into and on our bodies expanded, EOS was there to answer the call. They have always been known for using the highest quality, natural products. By removing the beeswax they have created their Vegan line with two exotic flavors. Not sure if I want to try Hibiscus Peach or Vanilla Orchid first?

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They have an organic line which is certified organic, and 100% natural. EOS are Hypoallergenic Paraben, petrochemical and Gluten free, and never tested on animals. All of this is fantastic but how does it feel on the lips? I can tell you with vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil, they are completely hydrating and leave my lips soft. They also come in so many wonderful flavors and the aroma is awesome.

EOS has reshaped the lip balm industry, literally. Lip balms had not changed much over many years. It was the same little tube used by men and women with not a whole lot of variation. Eos developed wonderful flavors of organic balm and packaged them in a little orb that was comfortable to hold and use, refer also to They have been a hit ever since. In fact the day the new Vegan line was introduced it completely sold out on their web site.

If you haven’t tried an EOS lip balm, now is the time. Organic, vegan, and so so many wonderful flavors to pick from, there is something for everyone so see here.

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