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Lips are the most delicate skin on your body and can benefit from care with organic ingredients. Sensitive skin can be affected by what’s in their beauty care products in relation to harsh by products. Maintain or maintenance your lips with the superior EOS brand reasonably priced at under $5. Why settle for traditional lip balm products who leave your lips feeling chalky? EOS lip balm products give their customers the perfect blend of vitamins and oils. Pamper your lips with a one of a kind beauty care aide with superior relief against sum exposure, UV rays, aging, and more.

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Relax with an easy to use container that won’t be hard to find at the bottom of your cluttered purse. The new Crystal line offers a complete transparent line with a buttery wax-free formula giving your lips prolonged coverage just when you need it, see this. They provide an absolute glow-up in extreme arctic temperatures. You can find their products on the beauty care aisle of select retailers, but hurry they’re sweeping off the shelves, find out more here on Get a popular flavor that delivers aromatherapy in a multi-pack. The Evolution of Smooth brand is still popular for lotion, shaving cream, and an organic body butter. Join the exclusive EOS lip balm family today.

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EOS Is Making Big Changes With Their Crystal Clear Formula

What brand of lip balm do you go to when you need hydration for your lips? Do you purchase the cheap, Chapstick brand? Are you happy with the limited number of flavors made by Chapstick? Do you want something more that tastes good and leaves your lips moist? Click here.  If so, Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS has what you need.

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If you are someone who loves animals and wants to avoid products that contain ingredients which are not made by animal byproducts, EOS lip balm carries a vegan free formula. This formula does not contain any bees wax which makes it vegan free. The new formula also doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky like many other brands do. The formula contains essential oils in it which work together to provide you with the moisture you need without sacrificing quality.

EOS’s new formula, Crystal Clear EOS is a new concept from EOS. The new formula also is slightly different from their previous formulas not only because it is made with essential oils but it also has a slightly different appearance. The new formula has a triangle shape which causes the lip balm to stand out even more than it did before. The gem like appearance will make your lips feel like a gem once the lip balm is applied.

EOS is still keeping with the same round like sphere that consumers and shoppers have grown to love. Just because the new formula is clear does not mean that it has left out the flavors. The new flavors, Peach Hibiscus and Vanilla Orchid are selling out everywhere. The new scents are just two new scents that have already been added to the long line of delicious smelling lip balms made by EOS. Once you give them a try, you will never go back to the same old chapstick again.