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Fabletics Gets 100 Brick and Mortar Locations


Fabletics is opening stores in different metropolitan cities for the next 5 years. Anytime that a business can open up this many stores there has to be something being done the right way. The growth of this business is a direct result of the staggering online sales and the improved customer service. Hudson is also playing a big part of this as well because she has her name attached to this clothing line.

The marketing department for Fabletics is definitely working hard to build up the brand. When people check out the website the first thing that they see is Kate. This is a best thing about her connection to the website. She is able to market the brand, and the marketing department is able to highlight certain clothing instantly by placing Kate on the home page of the site with her favorite picks.

The marketing department certainly knows how to get the name on the minds of customers because the team started with a unique name. The store, Fabletics, is not even a word. This was something that was created by combining the words “fabulous” and “athletics.” This is how Kate Hudson describes the clothing line. It works well because it has allowed the brand to stand out in a major way. You do not forget the word “Fabletics” when you hear it. That is the sign of true marketing innovation. The team created something that did not exist in the vocabulary of the consumers and now it is a business that is flourishing on the Internet. It is set to flourish in brick and mortar stores as well because there will be a lot of locations for consumers to shop.

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The marketing has been done to make this a store that can compete with a variety of different business models. There are some clothes there that are designed for men and women. It has been a good idea to push the concept of the physical store because there are many people that work out at the spur of a moment.

When people sporadically decide to work out at the end of the day they are not going to have time to check out a website and wait for clothes. They are going to need their fitness gear right away. That is where the physical Fabletics locations will be most useful. Many people may question the idea of expanding to physical stores when there is already a booming business on the Internet, but the time is right. The research has been done and the demand is there. That is why actress Kate Hudson and her team has to take advantage of this and strike while the iron is hot.