Norka Luque

Norka: Musical Princess

Norka was born to be a star. She was on February 7 in Caracas, Venezuela. She knew she wanted to be a star from a young age. She was guided into her career by renowned Latino producer Emilio Estefan. It was long after she was starting to look more like a star. A few years later in 2011, she premiered her first single, “As You Do”. A song composed by the Venezuelan Archie Pena. That song got her a nomination for “Female Pop Artist of the Year”.
A year later, Norka unveiled her second single “Miracle”. The title of that song would later become the name of her first album. The song too was composed by Archie Pena and was produced in several styles. Most of which were arranged by renowned master Cucco Pena, who really laid down talent in the salsa version. That version of the song became #1 on the Venezuelan charts for 14 weeks. He also helped with the English dance version, remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario. That song topped out at #11 on the Billboard Dance Club. Later there was an urban remix version where she got to collaborate with Dominican El Cata.
Norka Martinez Luque is an air of positive energy that motivates her fans to chase after their dreams. Her life’s story is full of inspiration where she defies the word “impossible”. As tough as the music industry may be at times, her sweet personality never lets her forget why she fell in love with music all those years ago. She is completely determined to see her goal accomplished: to bring a positive message of hope with her music. A trait she inherited from her parents, who have given her unconditional support since she was a child. They’ve been there since she was taking voice practicing classes, learning piano, ballet, and flamenco, all while maintaining her academic education.
She never gave up on her academic education, studying Business Administration in France. She would go on to earn degrees in Culinary Arts and Marketing and Fashion. It was while living in France that she first got the opportunity to join a professional band. She eagerly accepted the chance to stay connected to her original dream of becoming a professional singer. Much of her success is due to her conviction and belief that she can make the world a better place.