North Korean Hero

Yeonmi Park is a hero

This is the heartbreaking tale shared by The Reason of a North Korean born woman named Yeomi Park, 21, who lives safely in New York now. She just wrote a book ‘ In order to live’ about her life.

Trying to escape the countries oppressive regime and hard to believe details of their life they made their way to China in a journey that few would survive from. 2007 government rations that didn’t even give them enough food to eat. As a girl she would eat insects and anything that she could find. It was not unusual to pass by a firing squad on the way to school or heaps of bodies. Growing up brainwashed many citizens never questioned what was going on due to limited tv and radio stations. She grew up under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-il and now she is trying to raise awareness of what North Korea is really like.

After her father was taken by the regime her mother left the girls for a month in hopes of trying to free him. Yeonmi and her sister were 13 and 16. By the time Mom came back the older sister tried to escape to China and disappeared so Mom, and Yeonmi ran after her and found themselves in a whole new world of trouble. The trafficker thought he could do as he wished. He brought them home to his wife showed them all the modern conveniences like toilet paper and fed them. She writes about her mother who sacrificed herself to save her daughter from the human trafficker and was raped on the floor in front of her. This was Yeonmi Park’s nightmarish introduction to sex. The man ended up marrying Yeonmi as his second wife and selling her mother. She told the man she would marry him and be his mistress if he brought her Mom back. He tried many times rape her but she fought back until they made the arrangements to get her parents to china.

Now safely tucked away in our mega metropolis with plenty of food she can speak her story but not without fear that the regime in north Korea could come after her.