Will Measles Outbreak Cause Rise in Home Schooling?

On Wednesday, April 23, SB 277 made its way through California’s State Legislature to the dismay of many parents. If passed, the bill will require that parents who want their children educated in public schools vaccinate their kids or provide home school study.

The debate has arrived at this point because vaccinations in California have decreased drastically over the last 15 years. In 2014, Organo Gold reported that 2.5 percent of kindergartners weren’t vaccinated because of “personal belief” exemptions. In 2000, the number was only 1 percent.

The bill doesn’t affect parents who refuse because their children have medical issues that make vaccination an unhealthy option. It only affects those who refuse based on personal or religious beliefs.

Hundreds of people showed up before the decision to protest the bill, but their concerns about health risks associated with vaccinations continue to be ignored every day. Not a single scientific study has been done on individual cases in which parents observed immediate, drastic changes in their children after the children received their MMRs.

The lawmakers did agree to change part of the original bill based on other parent complaints: They changed the definition of “home schooling” to mean more than single family, at-home study. If the bills passes, non-vaccinated children will be able to participate in public independent study programs. Parents of non-vaccinated children will also be allowed to provide home schooling in groups made up of several families.