Compassion and Music Can Bring People Together

Music is many things to many people. But one only need go into a concert to see just how effective it can be in bringing people together. Music can move crowds in a literal way. The tone and speed of a song will always influence the dancing. But the most impressive unifying factor in a concert involves feelings. The tone and style of the music can invoke a myriad of different emotions in the entire crowd. But what many people might not realize is that it can also be the lead in inspiring charity. And in one particular case it’s helping people suffering from autism. The Autism Rocks campaign is using private rock performances to help finance autism research.

But if it’s music that’s helping lead people to charity, it’s Sanjay Shah who’s leading the music. Sanjay Shah is the the president and CEO of Solo Capital. And that’s easily what he’s known best for in the business world. He’s one of those people who combine charisma and talent in a way that instantly builds up an amazing portfolio of contacts. And every now and then one of those contacts reaches out in friendship. One of those was international superstar Snoop Dogg. His family was amazed to learn that the renowned performer was going to be coming to their home.

Obviously Sanjay himself was moved by the experience, but so was his family. And this led him to realize something that would change countless lives for the better. Sanjay realized that he could use that feeling to help fund charity. The feelings of being in the presence of a musical legend can be amazingly influential. And Sanjay’s contacts would help him get in touch with some of the most compassionate and charitable people in the music industry. As for the exact nature of the charity, there was never any question in Sanjay’s mind. One of his children is autistic and that was one of the biggest issues for Sanjay. Every parent wants to understand their child better. And autism research is one of the best ways of understanding the very different, and very special, worldview that people with autism have.

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Maintaining the Privacy of Online Content

The development of internet has led to improved business transactions across the world. This has led to establishment of both small and big business enterprises globally. Through the internet, many companies have developed marketing strategies to promote their services. As such, most of these companies have developed different websites for promotional purposes. Although the companies have benefited a lot from the internet, there are many issues that affect their reputation on the internet. This has necessitated the ability to develop online reputation management platform that helps the companies to maintain their image before it is damaged. The internet has many hackers who might maliciously interfere with content with the aim of tarnishing a company’s image. Through the website, it has provided guidelines of dealing with online reputation management. When dealing with such problem, the company should develop a digital fortress which provides a lot of background information about an existing company. This initiative enables the company to explore all the information about its existence and people cannot write false statement about it. This then minimizes on the ability of generating false online statements about a company. Optimizing online content is another important initiative in maintaining online reputation. This makes it hard for people to hack the website and write false statements. Providing more information about the management team is very important since many people have developed interest in searching about the background of company’s management profile. Finally when developing content, it is important to think beyond business which enables people develop interest in other fields pursued by the company or people.
As a result, many people have developed interest in the establishment of online reputation management firms. Darius Fisher is the Cofounder and President of Status Labs. This is an online reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm headquartered in Texas United States of America. Through his able leadership, the company has grown and became one of the leading in providing solutions to online problems across the world. This has made it to open branches in over 35 countries across the world. He has specialized in correcting online reputation of prominent people that has been damaged through rectifying and bringing good content out of it.
Through trying to improve the personalities of the people involved, he has developed various ways of dealing with online reputation management. He has also advised people to remove their personal data from the internet since this is the basis through which people easily manipulate data to portray an individual in bad faith. Changing of social media privacy and frequent change of password is one of the most successful ways of keeping enemies at bay. Darius Fisher is on Twitter and has continued to offer guidance and his prominence has been emulated by a lot of people globally.

Status Labs C.E.O Shares Helpful Online Reputation Tips

Status Labs is a Texas based online reputation management firm that offers clients an opportunity for effective engagement with their audiences with compelling content with a view of driving participation and sales. The firm offers tailor-made solutions for their clients, which range from increasing the digital footprint of a brand to management of image. Having its headquarters in Austin, Texas, the firm also has offices in various cities such as San Francisco, New York and São Paulo. The firm works with clients globally to execute international marketing and achieve PR goals.
Status Labs is involved in various activities. The firm is involved in handling crisis that arise online and repairing digital reputations. In line with this, Darius M. Fisher, the C.E.O of Status Labs, has offered a few tips on how to keep a good reputation online. These include:
Removal of personal data online: He recommends ensuring any personal data such as phone number and home address are not accessible online. This can be achieved by removing any data from companies that sell on the personal data of individuals. He recommends doing this every quarter of the year as these databases repopulate throughout the year. In a case where a website can be linked to one’s name, it is recommended that one registers the domain name privately.

Change of media privacy settings on social media: Here, Mr. Fisher recommends that all social media accounts should be made private, except for those with a case for making public posts e.g. businesses and public figures. He advises against posting of any material that one does not want to make private, as such material can be reposted by other parties for all to see.

Frequent change of passwords: Status Labs C.E.O recommends changing of passwords at least four times a year. This is for key accounts such as social media accounts as well as online banking accounts. Also, one should use a different password for each login.

Search of oneself on Google: This allows one to see what people see when they search the internet for one’s information. This should be done having logged out of all accounts such, as Gmail, that may customize your search results. If the results are not pleasing, Fisher recommends buying one’s domain and creating a website with a digital version of one’s resume.

AnastasiaDate: A New Path To Meeting Someone

Online dating is no longer new. People have been enjoying the availability of online dating sites for well over 10 years. Even though millions of people have found lifelong partners via online dating, some are not sure if they should sign up with a site. Trying anything new comes with some concerns. No one wants to waste time or money on an endeavor that might not end up being for them. Here is the best news anyone thinking about online dating should be pleased to hear: scores upon scores of different people from all over the world not there positive experiences with online dating.

Still, someone on the proverbial fence about venturing into online dating might still not be sure about joining a top site. Maybe taking an “audit of necessity” would help with realizing online dating is a good thing to become involved with.

Any person with an extremely busy work life is going to have significant trouble going out and meeting someone. Sadly, business and even personal responsibilities take up hours and hours of an individual’s time. Online dating provides a pathway for busy people to meet others. Better yet, online dating allows them to meet people quite easily. All that is needed is a reliable computer connection.

Not everyone likes to go to the common spots to meet someone new. Places that serve alcohol are usually selected to make a connection and, usually, with less-than-positive results. Finding an alternative is definitely appealing to those who just don’t like the standard dating scene. Online dating does provide that perfect alternative.

Those who have a tough time meeting someone compatible where they live are going to discover online dating to be a really helpful endeavor. Sometimes, clicking with those in the local vicinity is just not possible. Traveling to a new region is not exactly easy. With online dating, this is not all that tough. The internet allows people to connect with others from anywhere in the globe. Perhaps Russia is a good place to look for a paramour.

AnastasiaDate is one of the top dating sites to meet women from Russia. AnastasiaDate launched an app that makes utilizing the service even easier. Someone who wants to send messages or even speak to (via online voice chat) someone overseas simply has to take advantage of the basic features the site provides. The cost of joining isn’t even very expensive, which is another plus.

There is no reason to feel lonely. Meeting someone online is way to escape loneliness. Working with a top site such as AnastasiaDate certainly might very well be the perfect way to use the internet to achieve this goal.

Yeon Mi Park: North Korean Defector Bravely Speaks Out Against North Korean Human Rights Abuse

A young woman who appears to be extremely brave and extremely lucky to have defected from North Korean Human Rights oppression, Yeonmi Park, has been speaking her mind. The 21-year old student has a new role as human rights activist and tells the world about what she endured during her life in North Korea and in China after being sold for human trafficking.

If reading this article in a free country, imagine how it would be to fear having any thoughts because the dictator (Kim Yong-un) might hear them. This is what she believed at the tender age of nine. Yeo-mi, in a speaking engagement for Human Rights, in Dublin, Ireland described the punishments that were given to those who disobeyed the rules or were perceived to doubt the ways of their dictator and his regime. She saw one of her friend’s mother publicly executed for a very low level violation. What this meant is that any violation could mean death, especially because the fear that is spread to others from such harsh treatment would ensure their cooperation.

Most of the people born in the free world have no idea what it would be like to watch their mother raped by a human trafficker as they watched. This is exactly what happened to Yeo-mi at age 13. Then to add to this horror, her father died in China. In her own private stealth, to avoid more harsh treatment, she was able to bury his ashes in secret. In the free world, we have the normal custom of having a funeral with family, loved ones and friends when fathers pass away. Often there is a gathering and a celebration of the life that has ended. But for Yeo-mi, it was a very isolated and lonely experience.

After some time, Yeo-mi and her mother were able to escape from their human trafficking captors. They had to walk a long way through the cold and frozen conditions of the Gobi Desert. As did the explorers at sea use the stars to navigate their position on the dark waters, so did Yeo-mi and her mother. Human dignity and determination was fully in flow between these two brave and courageous ladies, who by no fault of their own, were forced into the most degrading and hellish position. Freedom was their reward as they were able to get to safety and far away from their oppressors. Or are they?

Yes, they did escape the physical torments and boundaries forced on them in their involuntary occupations, however, their oppressors know of them and do not allow them to perform their newly chosen occupation without as much consequence as they can possibly arrange for. Because Yeo-mi Park has become an activist on youtube for human rights and freedom, the North Korean government runs smear campaigns on her and other defectors like her. They create videos and website to discredit and call her a Propaganda Puppet and show video of her remaining relatives being paraded in the streets to denounce her. Another defector named Park Sang-hak, who spreads leaflets against North Korea’s treachery in South Korea, is routinely labeled a ‘human scum who will pay for his crimes in blood.’ These brave and lucky people who have escaped show such courage to speak out, despite the death threats and libel against them. They stand up for freedom and set a great example for people everywhere who take freedom for granted.