Sergio Cortes Is The Undisputed King Of Micheal Jackson Impersonators

Ever since the world lost the great Micheal Jackson in 2009, there has been a huge void left in the entertainment industry and among celebrity advocates for universal peace. Micheal Jackson was a global ambassador that influenced millions of people from all walks of life. One of the people who loved and appreciated Micheal Jackson ever since he was a little boy in Spain was Sergio Cortes. Little did Cortes know that when he grew up he would be considered the greatest Micheal Jackson impersonator in history.

Based upon Cortes’ personal life story that was reported on, when Cortes was a small child people in his community were amazed at how much he resembled Micheal Jackson. As Cortes developed into his adolescent and teenage years, family members and locals realized that Cortes was also a gifted singer and dancer. His local celebrity status grew to the point where people paid him to dress like Jackson and perform his songs. During his teenage years, Cortes realized that his twin-like appearance to Jackson’s could land him a career as a professional impersonator.

Cortes obviously had great foresight as a child because he currently travels across the globe to put on live stage performances and to give interviews on popular syndicated talk shows. His success as an MJ impersonator is not a mystery to anyone who lays eyes on him, for Cortes and Jackson share the same physical features, such as their jawline, lips, skin tone, body structure, eyes, smile and charismatic glow.

You might assume that being regarded as the greatest impersonator to mimic the greatest hit maker of any era would make Cortes arrogant; however, this is not the case. Cortes has a humble spirit like Jackson and he shares Jackson’s desire to inspire humanity to choose peace over war and violence. This attitude in conjunction with his natural gifts to entertain electrifying crowds has garnered him tens of thousands of social media followers and fans worldwide.

When Cortes steps onto a stage, its like watching Micheal Jackson reincarnated. Cortes is an amazing dancer and singer, and he is also a talented composer and actor. The combination of all of his talents is the reason why critics give Cortes an A+ for effort, execution and inspiration. When people meet Cortes in person, they routinely ask for him for his autograph and to take pictures of him because his star power is truly magical.

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