Betsy Devos Has Worked For Children for Thirty Years

Betsy Devos is a well known philanthropist, besides her work for education and her current role as Secretary of Education for the United States government under President Donald Trump. For over thirty years, she has worked for a better education for all children over the country. She is the chairman of the charitable foundation that she founded together with her husband, the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. She is also a member of the board for many other charitable and nonprofit organizations. She is the chairman of the board for Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for children.

She is happy with the progress she has made. There are now over a quarter of a million students in private schools that have received public funds so that even children who need to attend a private school, because they can flourish better there, can receive the best education they need in the secular subjects just like any other child in America. This is in over seventeen states. More and more states are passing legislation that will allow private schools to flourish and received the funding that is necessary.Betsy Devos was interested in giving children an education at a young age, as her own mother was a teacher. She herself attended a private school. When she had her own children, she realized that the public school system is not necessarily for every child. Some children need to be able to make good choices about the type of school they will attend. If no funding is made possible for other schools, their choices will be severely limited.

For a decade and a half, Betsy Devos was a mentor for kids at the Grand Rapids Public Schools. She has a lot of experience with educating children herself. Her experience has allowed her to gain a real understanding of what kids need and how we can help them succeed. She attended Calvin College, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree.She is also experienced in politics. She was the chair of the Michigan Republican Party. She started the Great Lakes Education Project, which was a Public Action Committee that was designed to help kids get a better education. That lead to the American Federation for Children, where she became the chair as well. She also helped out with a committee called All Children Matter. She says that her biggest success in regards to education was in Florida.

Jason Hope’s Vision for the Future

Modern day technology has already drastically changed the nature of everyday life for people globally, and these tools are advancing exponentially as time goes on. The gateway to the next great human achievements lies in 5G (5th generation) mobile networks. Anticipated to be roughly 10 times faster than current 4GLTE networks, the possibilities for the application of these networks, including potential cutting edge nanotechnologies, and even artificial intelligence increases drastically.

Common uses of mobile devices like video streaming, texting, and video chat can become instant in the literal sense. Also, 5G can widen the breadth of the Internet of Things, a term describing the growing network community of mobile devices, computers, smart T.V.’s and household appliances. With the omnipresence of 5G networks, self driving cars can navigate city streets, bypass obstacles and safely avoid pedestrians effectively, even communicating with each other with virtually no latency, reducing fatalities and traffic jams. Most notably is the potential advancement in medical biotechnology, which is a particular interest of entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope.

Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, who partly works in anti-aging technologies, in the belief that, with the use of 5G networks and nano and bio-technologies, age related disease will be a thing of the past. Also, mobile health monitoring devices for blood sugars and heart problems can deliver real time data in public places, increasing ease and quality of life for patients.

Jason hope was raised in Tempe, Arizona where he studied and got his degree in finance from Arizona State university and received his bachelors degree in business from Arizona State University’s W.P Carey School of Business. He strongly believes in giving back to the community and has an interest in the political community of Arizona. Jason hope is an investor, futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Patty Rocklage Is Celebrated for her Contribution in Cementing Marriage in the Community of Boston

Marriage counseling is an important therapy offered to clients who seem to have marital issues in a bid to cement their marriage. Marriages are said to be on the decline following reports on divorce cases. The importance of marriage counselors continues to magnify itself in the society with reports indicating that fifty percent of marriages end up in divorce. It, therefore, means that just like in a working relationship, marriage must be maintained with the help of a professional when issues arise. That is why Patty Rocklage is celebrated for her expertise in cementing marriages in Boston town.

MIT Lab Building

Patty recently attended an event with her husband Scott Rocklage, at the MIT. The visit came in amidst plans for the school to expand its operation by renovating a laboratory. The couple visited with the aim of showing emotional and financial support to the team of MIT. Joined by Scott, the two acknowledged the efforts of MIT in providing the society with knowledge. Scott said that the school was responsible for the knowledge he now shares with the community while giving his contribution. Dr. Rocklage was an alumnus of the school where he earned his Ph.D. in chemistry. Professor Richard R. Schrock was in charge of his program.

Personal Experience

Patty has over twenty years experience in marriage counseling. She helps families to overcome struggles associated with marriage in the Boston area. She is a licensed psychotherapist and possesses a warm heart that is welcoming to patients. The warmth in her style of handling issues is an engaging character to clients. Although this may seem like a strategy to execute business, Patty Rocklage is a natural character when it comes to finding solutions for issues. Her charisma helps to calm patients’ nerves. This further enables patients to focus on the subject matter in a positive manner. With calmness executed, it is easy to make the right decision. Click here to know more.


Patty Rocklage is committed to bringing families together. To her, the statistics on divorce cannot bar her from cementing families. The alumnus of the Southern California University graduated with a degree in psychology in 1981. Over the years, she has gained massive experience working as a psychotherapist. Her expertise covers coaching, public speaking, team building, and support.