Political Affair Consultancy

Andrea McWilliams – Providing Highly Effective And Influential Government And Political Affair Consultancy

Andrea McWilliams is one of the top political strategists, prominent lobbyist and financial mentor in the state of Texas, and is an inspiring role model to many women in the state and the country. Andrea McWilliams was named the chief of staff at the young age of 21 at Public Strategies Inc. She is the founder of McWilliams Inc., which is a comprehensive service provider as a consultant for the government affairs.

McWilliams Government Affair consultancy is run by Andrea McWilliams and her husband, Dean McWilliams, who also has an extensive experience in the political and consultancy sphere. Austin Business Journal awarded Andrea McWilliams with the reputed “Profiles in Power” award, and she also received “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist” award given by Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Before she turned 40, she was also given the “Austin Under 40” award by the state. Andrea McWilliams recently also won the “Style Setter” award during the Austin Fashion Week. She was given the Style Setter award because of her contribution to the community and her deep involvement with many local non-profit organizations.

Andrea McWilliams is also named the “All-Stars” and one among the Austin American-Statesman Fortunate 500 List. She is one of the most popular political fundraisers in the country, and her political consultancy firm offers advice and support to both the democratic and republican side in a non-biased manner, which is the specialty of the enterprise for which it is highly famous for. Andrea McWilliams is featured on many different political networks and print media publications, such as CNN, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, FOX News, USA Today, and NPR. Andrea is dedicated to helping prevent cancer and is associated with Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation as well as KillCancer. She is also the member of Inherit Austin, a cultural and social group based in Austin dedicated to preserving the local architecture and traditions.