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HCT Diet Treatment, Anti-Aging Treatments and Healthy Solutions by Dr. Dov Rand At West Orange

Dr. Dov Rand is affiliated with Chilton Medical Center of Pompton New Jersey. He attended Howard University College of Medicine Medical School and had an internship at St Barnabas Medical Center. Dr. Rand did his residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and is licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey. Dr. Dov is currently a physiatrist in Wayne, New Jersey and works at West Orange New Jersey’s Healthy Aging Medical Center is Northern New Jersey. West specializes in weight loss, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Dr. Dov Rand offers his patents alternative solutions to weight loss and anti-aging.



One popular treatment at West Orange is IV Therapy. Commonly used IV Protocols include high dose vitamin C, MSM, glutathione and other personalized treatments. Doctors with the West Orange practice will thoroughly examine a patient’s blood work to diagnose the best plan of approach for their individual weight loss needs. These blood tests can also help determine if an individual is lacking certain vitamins, suffering from various allergies or if they have predetermined markers for heart disease, obesity and various types of cancers.

After blood work is fully analyzed Dr. Dov Rand and the other doctors at West Orange can provide patients with exercises, treatments and dietary coaching to help them achieve optimal results. The HCG diet is a popular diet that Dr. Dov Rand and the staff at West Orange utilize. This diet limits calories while providing a supplement that suppresses appetites. Benefits of the HCG diet include rapid weight loss, improved health, healthier insulin levels, improved self-esteem, relearned eating habits and higher energy levels. Patients using the HCG diet are often able to lose anywhere from one to one and a half pounds a day. This diet needs to be monitored by a trained doctor after blood work and proper testing has been accomplished.

Individuals in Northern New Jersey that are seeking solutions for health, weight and anti-aging concerns will benefit from a consultation at West Orange. Dr. Dov Rand and the other highly trained medical staff will be able to diagnose health concerns and help patients throughout their medical journey towards a healthier tomorrow.


The Amazing life of Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman practices medicine in Illinois. He has also at one time worked as a lecturer at the University of Chicago in Illinois. He currently teaches at the University of Illinois College of medicine based in Peoria. More to that he is also a pediatric surgeon at the OST Children’s hospital also in Illinois. He also practices in other hospitals that are close to his areas. He has medical offices in both Maywood ad Peoria.

Dr. Holterman has received awards for his exceptional work as a doctor. He has received the Patient’s choice award. This is an award that the company Vitals gives. Vitals are a healthcare data company. He has received this award three times since he began practicing medicine. He was also named among Americans tops Doctors for seven times. The top doctors are named by Castle Connolly. Castle Connolly is a leading medical research company in America. Dr. Mark wears many hats to his name. Dr. Holterman is a teacher, a surgeon and also a clinician. He has been able to improve the lives of many lives in Chicago.

Dr. Mark is also the leader of the Miriam Global. This has enabled him to affect the lives of different people in different ways. This is an organization that supplies funding to the many medical start-ups companies that are there. These companies have a lot of potentials, and this is what the doctor looks to make sure that the full potential is exploited. He is also responsible for controlling where the funds of the company go too. Dr. Holterman ensures that the company has to fund from investors and people who have pledged to give them. This provides that companies that receive funding from Miriam’s group can be innovative and help solve any medical problems that they can and thus improving patients’ lives.


Medical Discoveries

He has also over the year co-founded other medical firms, whose main aim is to find medical research and also come up with new treatments. He is keen on the stem cell advancement and is a firm believer in the power the stem cells hold. He is also a scout for talent. He looks for people who have a keen interest in research as he does.