Protect Your Reputation

Five Ways You Can Stay On Top Of Your Online Reptuation

Managing your online reputation can seem like an overwhelming task. Breaking it down into five key parts can help you better manage your online reputation. Below are five ways you can effectively manage your online reputation without being overwhelmed.

Tip number one is to have an idea of what your brand image is currently and what people are saying about it. There are tools you can use to help you find out what is being said about your company and brand. Examples include the program Mention. Alternatively, you can use Google Alerts that will notify you if there has been new activity regarding key words or phrases that you have specified.

The second tip to effective online reputation is to make sure your content is updated. Add new photos and posts to social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. Put a blog on your website and add a new entry every week or so. The more updated and fresh your content is, the higher it will rank in search engine results. This can help push down negative content and raise positive content. The result will be a better reputation.

Tip number three may seem counter-intuitive, but it is good advice. If you do receive bad press, do not respond right away. You should especially avoid responding negatively in kind. Take some time to simmer down and gather information. Be prepared to respond, but don’t to so right away. Think through how you will respond. Let some time pass. Most importantly, don’t get into the mud and name calling with someone who attacks your brand or name. This will only backfire.

The fourth thing you should do to effectively manage your online reputation is to admit any mistakes or shortcomings you may have done. People view the admission of mistakes as a sign of sincerity. You should also address how you plan to rectify or correct any errors or mistakes that were done. Be open and frank and people just may view you in a better light, leading to a better reputation.

The last tip is to foster a positive relationship with your consumers and audience. If you develop a good relationship with them, then you should make it through bad press and tough times with loyal customers and supporters. They can even defend your reputation on the web for you. Don’t underestimate or ignore this last tip.