Norman Pattiz Launches New Modern Features at PodcastOne

Norman J. Pattiz is an American broadcasting mogul popularly known for having founded Westwood One. Born in 1993, Mr. Pattiz has seen the American broadcasting industry grow, where he has also been an avid contributor to the tremendous success. For his commitment to the industry, Norman launched Launchpad in October 2012, which later became PodcastOne. Recently, the founder of PodcastOne and husband to Mary Turner dropped a bolt from the blue when he announced his introduction of new PodcastOne 360-degree videos and interactive functions. It is a mobile software program that gives new ways for their listeners as they catch up with the experts behind the microphones. The technology incorporates the audience because they freely connect with their hosts.



Some Unique Features of the Launched App



To begin with, this app is freely accessible on Google Play Store and allows people watch, listen, and participate in a broad range of programs. With that app on your phone, you will enjoy so many benefits like accessing fascinating pieces of writing and photos that you can never get from any other source ( That application is designed in such a way that it also allows listeners to send personal texts to each other. To attract many people, they incorporated a reward system to their mobile software program. This system counts points for active participators so that they can redeem them for bonus services and features. Again, they can leave the earnings to accumulate to the level of winning them free virtual-reality shows, discounts on products, or other special material.



Meanwhile This App; the Talk of the Day



Mandt VR fixed the refined up to date equipment in each of PodcastOne’s major recording studios. Even when show hosts are out of studio, they can still record VR footages with their mobile apps. By partnering with Mandt, Norman gave his beast considering that they are leading in virtual video production mixed, and enhanced reality formats. So far, they have successfully recorded more than 1,000 recordings, which is a significant milestone.



Facts Concerning Norman Pattiz



It is unarguable that Norman Pattiz is a darling of many people’s ears. His devotion to broadcasting is unmatched, and his competence unrivaled. It’s incredible how Pattiz keeps innovating new technologies, making America’s media fabulous. To date, even if he has to oversee his Beverly Hills company, he often dedicates time for the Pacific Council on International Relations. It is true to say that much of the success experienced behind the screens is attributable to this Jewish businessman’s great mind.