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Real Estate Developer – Jason Halpern

The real estate industry has been growing tremendously with most individuals as well as organizations engaging in the business. One of the most productive and famous real estate firms is Jason Halpern Development which is based in Miami. The real estate company is fully serviced and licensed to provide services and products including development of residential and commercial properties in the United States. Jason Halpern Development is a major contributor of the United States of America’s revenue and has developed several buildings which are considered to be of high standards and quality located in attractive markets including Miami Beach, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Jason Halpern Development has been experiencing spectacular growth since its inception. Jason Halpern is the founder of Jason Halpern Development and also been significantly contributing to the development of the real estate company.

Mr. Jason is a go-getter and has been at the forefront of New York and Miami’s developments. Jason has been teaming up with other professional developers to complete projects which can be estimated to be of about $500 million. Some of the projects and development that Jason has done include 200 –plus rooms Aloft South Beach in Miami which he co-developed with Mitchell Hochberg’s. Recently Jason together with Kushner Companies and Rockpoint Group have collaborated to renovate the former Wild Turkey bourbon warehouse in Williamsburg into condos.

Jason Halpern, who was born on January 1st, 1975, has gained vast experience in the real estate industry. He began his career at his late father’s business Halpern Enterprise. For a long time, he was part of the family business before taking over the leadership in 2010. Jason is a hard working man, and with the position he holds in the company, he can lead the Jason Halpern Development to higher levels. The real estate guru prides himself in developing attractive buildings in Miami and New York, and he is not resting. Recently his company, Jason Halpern launched the sales of three hundred Collins which were designed by Thomas Jull-Hansen. The 42 years old developer is a father and is engaged to a model. His dreams and goals are to see the expansion if the real estate industry.


New York Real Estate Leveling Off

The real estate market, not just in New York City apaetments for sale but around the world, has taken a rather wild ride over the last several years. Since the housing market crash nearly 10 years ago it has been one dip and rise after another. However, now the real estate market has started to steady out, which brings about its own set of challenges and information both buyers and sellers need to know. Town Residential wants to make sure everyone knows what is going on, so they can have a better understanding of what to expect and what exactly they should do about it when it comes to their property.

As Town Residential points out, property prices have leveled off, which means it is possible for both buyers and sellers to take their time. Buyers don’t need to feel pressured into buying a house right away out of fear of properties increasing in price soon. On the flip side, sellers don’t need to feel pressure into selling their homes out of fear of the prices dropping soon. While every buyer or seller is motivated for different reasons, it all comes down to what someone is looking for and if they find the right property or if they find the right price to sell for. The only thing potential housing buyers need to be aware of is the potential change in interest rates for mortgages. It is likely the interest rate will increase slightly over the next several months. So, there is a chance a mortgage might cost a bit more at the end of the year than what it does at the beginning of the year.

The last thing to keep in mind is it is going to be a bit more difficult to land a good deal on buying a home. Sellers are not going to be super motivated just to move the property, which means someone buying is not going to be able to substantially undercut the asking price. Likewise, sellers are not able to substantially ask more than what the property is worth. It makes for a more up front buying/selling experience.