Might Salt Be Healthier Than You Think?

On average, a healthy American consumes approximately 3.4 grams of salt. In Japan, the same individual would consume approximately 13 grams of salt. This probably sounds unhealthy to you as the person who is reading this but in actuality, Japan has one of the healthiest diets around. Crystal Hunt says the amount of salt is starting to make people question this fact, and question whether or not salt is really harmful to us.

Recently, a study was conducted with the help of the
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
that collected the amount of sodium that was found in participant’s urine. The urine was collected over the course of an entire day for a number of days and the samples were randomly tested. What professionals determined is that Japanese men and women are actually consuming far too much sodium and the amounts ingested each day should be greatly adjusted.

Sodium is beneficial as long as it is a high quality salt and it should also be consumed in moderation. The general recommendation is that if your doctor has agreed it is ok for you to consume salt on a daily basis, you should salt your food to taste and nothing more. Excessive use can lead to high blood pressure, stomach issues and dehydration. As far as the type of salt you use on your dinner table, the best option you can select is a pink, Himalayan salt which contains many beneficial minerals.