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Aging is a result of a decline in hormone levels. In women, the decrease of Estrogen and Progesterone with age leads to the development of distressing symptoms. It also leaves the woman vulnerable to diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and cancer of the breast. The use of bio-identical hormones to replace the diminished hormones is a safe way used in the management of diseases associated with aging. The use of synthetic hormones is highly discouraged because of side effects such as weight gain, bloating and decreased libido. These result due to chemical composition differences between synthetic and natural hormones.

Dr. Johanan Rand, an age management specialist, offers customized programs aimed at revitalizing the body. He begins by carrying out a comprehensive bloodwork study that reveals a patient’s state of well-being. From this, Johanan Rand assesses the patient’s cardiac, hormone, and metabolic health and proceeds to develop a customized plan for each patient. His programs include nutritional advice, fitness regimens and hormone replacement therapies. The exercise programme is aimed at increasing lean body mass while decreasing body fat to prevent diseases associated with aging.

An aging man is at a higher risk of developing hypertension, obesity and heart disease due to the decline in Testosterone with age. Andropause is experienced by men when Testosterone hormone decreases and Estrogen gradually increases. Both men and women can, therefore, use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to counter the unpleasant symptoms and diseases associated with aging.


About Dr. Johanan Rand

Johanan Rand is a practicing medical physician who specializes in age management medicine. He founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers and has his head office in West Orange, New Jersey. The center offers a variety of programs all aimed at restoring vitality and countering the negative effects of aging. He offers well-fashioned weight loss programs, nutrition, exercise as well as aesthetic services like Botox.

He attended Howard University College of Medicine and was an intern at St. Barnabas Medical Centre. Secondary to his medical center, he is also affiliated with Chilton Medical Center in New Jersey. Many of Rand’s patients have recorded significant results from his work. At just 50 years old, he has been described as an objective doctor who only recommends evidence-based treatment to his clients.