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Slyce’s App For Visual Search Captures The Heart Of Online Shoppers Everywhere

Planning Trends In Online Shopping

How do retailers anticipate the upcoming trends in online shopping without the in person experience? There are several methods for this. Some of these methods were covered in a recent post from Live Mint, and that post will be shortly recapped here. One of the most useful methods of garnering interest from consumers about upcoming products is taken from marketing modules that are common in the consumer relation side of the analytic process. These suggestions are hard to come by, and they are sometimes skewed because the consumer is biased to certain products during said encounter. A good example of this type of analytic data collection is a survey taken by the consumer, or the consumer might talk personally with a worker at a retail location.

The easiest and most profitable way of retailers tracking their product interest is for analytic data to come straight from the companies who are offering the products to consumers. The visual search industry is one asset to retailers that gives this type of analytic data. The visual search industry is also growing quickly, so the analytic data is coming in at a high rate of speed. It is a lot for the retailer to handle, and they are still having trouble anticipating trends.

Solution To Online Shopping Problems From Slyce

Slyce has offered a great solution to retailers in terms of their anticipation for product interest. They have shown that they can generate some of the best data for anticipating these types of shopping trends. The bulk of trends in consumer shopping for online purchases come from the fashion or entertainment industry. This is exactly why Slyce has developed one of the top visual search applications on the market.

The application that Slyce developed for image recognition is able to capture images from a variety of sources, including print ads, actual objects (3D objects), bar codes, QR codes and even video. This gives the consumer more options to pick their products, and it is even easier to anticipate what types of products the consumer will choose because they are making their choices based off of the stimulus they are receiving. Slyce has a number of other products that are equally as useful, such as Snip Snap, a coupon collecting application.