Securus Technologies Unleashes GTL Unlawful Activities

Securus Technologies has taken the initiative to inseminate specifics, contents, discoveries and manifold reports to address the unlawful activities and integrity breaches found within services offered by GTL. Global Tel Link is an affiliate communication company that provides services to inmates. Top management in Securus Technologies has expressed its disappointment on services offered by GTL because these services are majorly focused on making money rather than providing quality to the customers. Securus Technologies is a Dallas based telecommunication company committed to providing high quality communication services and solutions to most correctional facilities nationwide. The CEO of Securus technologies Mr. Rick smith has taken a vow to continue fighting and exposing all companies within the prison communication industry alleged to have integrity breaches issues.

Fraudulent Practices by Global Tel Link

Global Tel Link has been found to engage in unlawful practices with an aim to mistreat clients by overcharging them. It was found out that the services offered by this firm were over billed thus exploiting the taxpayers using their services. The phones had been embedded with tampering software therefore tacking extra minutes to every phone call made by a customer. Additionally, these phone calls were rated highly than the expected rates. This scheme by GTL was found to have overcharged the Louisiana department of corrections by more than $1 million. This is a clear indication that the services were corrupted and aimed at firms’interests rather than providing the best for taxpayers.


Securus technologies offers telecommunication services to correctional agencies law enforcement agencies as well as inmate self-service products. This firm aims at serving clients with best interests and not exploiting them. Securus has brought the light by addressing misconduct therefore playing a vital role in the prison communication industry. GTL has been condemned of engaging in integrity breaches an act that is very unlawful and unjust.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.