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Makari Brings Out The Beauty From Within

In Swahili the word Makari means beautiful, making it the ideal name for a company that makes products to enhance the natural beauty of everyone who uses them. All around the world, no matter what their skin tone or culture, folks are discovering that Makari’s solutions for skin care cover every possible need they might have, especially skin whitening creams.

Being made in Switzerland, a country known for producing excellent products, Makari skin care compounds are thoroughly tested and scrutinized by experts before being distributed. The result of this rigorous process is a line of products that are completely safe and effective.

One of the goals of Makari has always been to offer a variety of skin whitening formulas for all skin types and textures, help to minimize the effects of aging as well as lightening freckles, eliminating dark spots and erasing acne scars. Every product they offer is formulated with natural ingredients such as the extract of pumpkin seed oil, mulberry root, alba root, carrot oil, biotin and argan oil.

One thing you won’t find in even one Makari product is any ingredient that could be considered harmful to the health and well being of their valued customers. One such ingredient, hydroquinone, is present in many of the skin lightening products on today’s market, in spite of the fact that it has been proven to be harmful, even in small amounts. It poses a wide range of health concerns, from severe skin irritation to being a carcinogen. The FDA has yet to ban hydroquinone, though there have been a number of organizations asking them to.

Makari is a leader in providing products that brighten and tone while leaving a protective layer of antioxidants behind to hold in moisture and condition the skin. Their formula for skin lightening is clinically proven to work while being totally safe. Their Body Beautifying Whitening Milk has been a top seller for a decade, providing a youthful glow to millions with normal or oily skin. For dry to normal skin types, Caviar Clarifying Glycerin removes any discolorations while leaving behind a baby soft complexion. Designed for all skin types, Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum eliminates blemishes and prevents future problems.

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