Kicking the Habit into High Gear

A few years ago, it seemed like a lot of concerned smokers were trying to kick the habit and stop smoking. Certainly, smoking is a habit that is very difficult to stop. Tobacco smokers were some of the first to try e-cigarettes. Brian Bonar reported, many thought that the electronic cigarettes were a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes that are filled with harmful chemicals. However, something strange and unforeseen has occurred. Many regular cigarette smoker’s are addicted to e-cigarettes. They “vape” and smoke regular tobacco cigarettes. Read more about this new concern here.

Smoker’s Dilemma
The puzzling result is that tobacco user’s are still smoking tobacco cigarettes along with e-cigarettes. Many decided to try the e-cigarettes because they are able to smoke them in locations that ban regular cigarette smoking. For example, in some restaurants, offices, theaters, and other public places. It is interesting to note that the electronic cigarettes were thought a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. People jumped on the bandwagon to try the new alternative that was available in a wide variety of flavors. However, sources report that the e-cigarettes are not necessarily healthier or safer than regular tobacco cigarettes. In fact, some sources report that the electronic brands are just as unhealthy as the tobacco brands.