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The Anti Muslim Comments Of Donald Trump Criticized By George Soros

The rights of every individual to live a free and happy life has always been close to the heart of billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros. The former refugee and Holocaust survivor has mae it his personal mission to work with his Open Society Foundations in a bid to provide freedom and democracy for the people of the world as a charitable effort. The views of George Soros have now brought him into direct conflict with prospective Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has called for a total travel ban for people of the Muslim faith.

George Soros has used an interview published by Forbes to explain his feelings towards the views of Donald Trump, which the Hungarian born Soros has claimed act as the perfect recruitment tool for ISIS and other extremist groups. Trump has called for people of the Muslim faith to be barred from traveling in and out of the U.S. until acts of terror are wiped out; George Soros is opposed to these views and used his interview to explain just how dangerous the views of Trump could be for the world. George Soros believes the governments of the world have been working within the Middle East to drive ISIS back from lands they had gained in initial fighting.

George Soros has brought his own personal experience as a refugee to the comments of Donald Trump, which saw his rescue from a Nazi concentration camp result in a move to London followed by a financial career in New York. In his Forbes interview Soros explains the views of the people of the world towards refugees have changed in the 21st century. The negative view of refugees has resulted in areas of the world like Europe considering closing their borders to migrants entering from Syria, which Soros believes could cause the collapse of the European Union if governments go back on their agreement to open borders for citizens of member states.