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The Amazing Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Sleep is a very important pat of a person’s life but everyone is always so busy that most people do not get enough sleep. People who deprive their selves from sleep can have consequences both in health and appearance. Sleep apnea is more serious than people think but many people do not want to get it checked out. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a sleep apnea specialist and he provides the best and most effective sleep apnea treatment by using dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel had prioritized his mission to help patients with sleep apnea. That is what he is truly passionate about and he takes it very seriously.

Dr. Weisfogel went to school at Rutgers University and from the very beginning, he was a very determined person and achiever in anything he set out to do in his life. He is just such a dedicated person and always was. He also attended New York University, where he received his credential for Doctor of Dental Surgery. Dr. Weisfogel, then started his own dental practice and it was called Old Bridge Dental Care. He faced many challenges when he started trying to help patients struggling with sleep disorder. He had to start traveling everywhere because his dream was to find a world wide fix to sleep apnea.

Everything started coming into play for Dr. Weisfogel when he founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. He then, invested in his plans by launching the Dental Sleep Master’s Program. The point of this program was to make sleep appliances to help people suffering from sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel puts a lot of time and effort into reaching his goal to cure sleep apnea. He works 12 hour days or more and that just shows how dedicated he really is to this. He has been in the medical practice field for more than two decades. He is very experienced and so good at his job. He is also a great man who donates a large amount of his earnings to charity. This is why many people admire him and stay by his side through all his accomplishments. Everyone believes in him!

A Brief Look At Robert Ivy’s Early Life And Career

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy, the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects, was named the company’s Chief Executive Officer in 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the South in Sewanee as well as a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University.

He began his career in 1996 as an editor of Architectural Record. Over time, Architectural Record grew to one of the world’s most widely architectural journal. Later on, Robert Ivy left for McGraw-Hill Construction Media as Vice President and Editorial Director. Besides, Ivy was a jury member on the panel that appointed architect Frank Gehry to design Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Robert Ivy’s idea for launching a responsive and relevant 21st-century architectural journal was driven by the need to expand awareness and understanding of the essential roles of architects.

Under Robert Ivy’s editorial leadership, Architectural Records won several prestigious accolades including the American Society of Magazine Editors Award and the Premier Magazine Journalism Award, a rare award for a professional journal. Besides, the journal earned the 2008 MPA Digital Award, 7 Ozzies: Folio Design Awards, and 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards. Robert Ivy won the American Business Media’s highest award for an individual, the Crain Award in 2009. Besides, he won the McGraw-Hill Award in 1998 for his excellence in management. He also serves as a Senior Fellow at the Design Futures Council.

In March 2010, Robert Ivy was voted unanimously as Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity for his excellence in assessing the value of design. In fact, Ivy shares the designation of iconic architects such as John Wellborn Root, I.M. Pei, Cass Gilbert, Dr. Nathan Clifford Ricker, the first designer in America, and Richard Buckminster. Robert Ivy is the only appointee and one of the seven architects to receive this honor. Having delivered several keynote speeches at international events, Robert Ivy has become an accomplished communicator. His book, Fay Jones, was cited for documenting about the highest standards of design. Ivy is a three times Commissioner at the US-based Venice Architecture Biennale.

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