matt landis summer look

Summer Trends in Men’s Fashion: Yay or Nay?

Summer is upon us and as such there is now more talk than ever before of some of the new trends that are coming down the pipes for men. The rugged, bearded, devil may care look is now out the window and a sleeker, more sophisticated style is set to take center stage. Model Matt Landis sure knows how to rock every one of these looks but how will they work for the average man? Here are four trends that every man should take a look at. 

1. Fitted Muscle Shirts
matt landis summer look
These are a staple for most men during the hot summer months but many prefer to go with a looser, surfer style. This season the muscle shirts are tight and they are sexy. This is a great trend for those men that are confident in their build and that want to be a bit sleeker with their sleeveless looks. That being said, an all black ensemble with a tight muscle shirt can be both laid back and a bit more upscale if that is what you are going for. That however does not mean that this trend is going to work for every man. If you are at all unconfident about your torso or arms, this may be a trend to shy away from. 
2. Shirtless, Hoodies, Short Shorts, and Loafers
matt landis no shirt
This is again a trend that is best reserved for those men that are super confident with how they look. While you could switch it up and add a button down, this is not a look that you would wear to the mall or out on a day at the park but rather something that would have to fit the occasion. This is a look that is best reserved for those men that are fearless and that are confident in their legs above the knees as well as their midsection. In summation, this is not really a look that I hope to see much of this summer. 
3. Relaxed Tees
matt landis yellow
This is a fantastic trend that just keeps coming back year after year. This is something that every man can get behind even if they are not in the greatest shape or if they aren’t so confident. This is a great trend and can be worn basically anywhere. This is also something that most men already have tucked away in their closet. Encourage the men in your life to pull out that old band tee or that tshirt that they have been hanging on to for years. 
4. Sweater, Button Down, Short Shorts
matt landis sweater summer
This is not a bad trend all around, the main issue that many men are going to have is the length of the short. This trend does employ the shorter short that comes well above the knee, something that men that don’t have toned legs like Matt Landis might shy away from. The button down with a sweater over top is a great part of the trend however that can be pulled off with either longer shorts or with slacks for a chic but still laid back vibe.

Summer Health Tips for Your Skin

Summer is quickly approaching and you’re looking forward to all those hot summer days of volleyball and baking in the sun. You’ve heard the rumors about skin cancer, but you may be forgetting something the next time you spend a day out in the sun. It’s called your health, and without paying it any attention during the hazardous summer you could be setting yourself up to get skin cancer warns dermatologist Ray Lane (more at AquionEnergy).

Currently 1 in 5 Americans are predicted to get skin cancer over the course of their lives, and this belief is supported by the same common issues in the UK. An unheard of 72% of citizens have been sunburned in the UK and don’t perform the recommended monthly checks for skin cancer. You may think that a sunburn is no big deal, but to the contrary.

More than 2 million people within the US are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. Why not take some simple steps to protect yourself this summer? There’s a plethora of options out there for everyone. First and foremost, limit your exposure to the sun, especially in the midmorning hours to mid-afternoon. If you are relaxing by the pool during those times, use an umbrella for shade. Apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns. That should be a given at this point. Lastly, avoid tanning and tanning beds. While this can give you an attractive skin tone, it can also give you a large chance of getting skin cancer.

So before you waltz out into the sun, be aware of the potential risks those intense summer days pose. After all, it’s all fun and games until it happens to you.