Clay Siegall Is An Experienced Researcher On Targeted Therapies

Clay Siegall is a leading specialist of targeted cancer therapies. He is the founder of Seattle Genetics where he also serves as the CEO. Seattle Genetics develops targeted therapy drugs for various diseases, especially those that have not managed to have considerable improvements on mortality rates for several years.

Over the years, Clay Siegall has enabled Seattle Genetics to develop different viable drugs. Under his guidance, the firm was able to create its first FDA- approved antibody drug conjugate. The drug has enjoyed much success in the market. Additionally, Seattle Genetics is creating a robust pipeline of over 20 drugs along with multiple strategic partnerships with leading drug manufacturers like Pfizer and Bayer.

Seattle Genetics has evolved from a small startup having a skeleton group of researchers to an absolute power player in the cancer research industry. Siegall has huge plans for the organization. The firm has a growing list of drugs in the development stage. Additionally, there is an ever-growing number of prospective indications for Seattle Genetics’ current drug portfolio. Through its various market partnerships, the company’s drugs have been able to be distributed to various parts of the globe.

Clay Siegall believes that systematic chemotherapies and other old-guard cancer treatments are headed for the dust bin. As the efficacy of targeted cancer therapies continue to be clearer, Siegall believes that they will replace the old methods of cancer treatment. This is because they are more tolerable and effective.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the chairman of the board of directors of Seattle Genetics. Notably, the executive has had a successful career given that he has rendered his services for leading companies like Bristol-Meyers Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Clay is a scientist by training. Siegall earned his PhD. in Genetics from George Washington University. He enrolled in the University of Maryland where he graduated with his B.S. in zoology.

Siegall credits his success to hard work. The shrewd entrepreneur contends that the vital business strategy that has allowed Seattle Genetics to grow as a business is his partnerships with innovators and industry leaders in developing drugs. These strategic relationships have allowed the company to expand the reach of its technology.