US Embassy Suspends Visa to Venezuela

Everyone on facebook who is interested in securing a visa as a first-time tourist or for business is out of luck, however, those seeking first-time visas may visit other embassies as long as the applicant can prove that he knows someone who lives outside of the United States. In the rare event that an applicant has an emergency in the Venezuelan area, the embassy can make an exception and grant the applicant their first visa. The U. S. Embassy, located in Caracas, Venezuela, is suspending these visas because the embassy has staffing shortages due to the problems facing the government. The staff does plan to continue to renew existing visas but only on a limited basis. It is important that people who have an appointment to renew the visas be sure to appear on the designated date because they will not be able to get another appointment. As soon as conditions in the government improve, the embassy will once again process new visas. For the past two years, the United States Embassy in Venezuela had problems having enough staff to process new visas.
Venezuelan’s foreign minister Danilo Diaz Granados has refused to give applications to the U.S. Embassy personnel, causing a large backlog of applications waiting to be processed. Many employees have resigned, leaving the embassy low on staff. Computer technicians have been denied access to the embassy, therefore, the computer system in the embassy is unable to be maintained.