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The Crystal of EOS Creations

Over the last few days EOS has been tempting us with photos of their newly packaged Crystal Lip Balm. Instagram posted photos interested fans and EOS users with the chic new triangular effect used for their packaging opposed to the commonly recognized sphere. The Crystal Lip Balm has proven to be just as moisturizing as previous EOS lip balm products while holding the upgraded quality of being wax free. Using their vegan formula which refrains from using wax causes it to be without the sticky characteristics you may have noticed in other lip balm products. Most commonly known essential oils used to create this product include coconut for hydration and also avocado. The scent of the new Crystal Lip Balm has stayed up to par with the past EOS lip balms making it difficult to pick between the Vanilla Orchid or the Hibiscus Peach. was founded on the principal that “the products that women depend on every day should deliver moments of delight that elevate these daily routines”. This statement alone encompasses everything EOS has created into a nutshell as their lip balm products have been developed to turn the monotone, daily act of applying lip balm into a pleasurable experience. EOS set the goal to have their product evoke your five senses through the feeling of the packaging to the entertaining smells and taste of the product itself. They even went the extra mile with the aesthetic looks of the packaging along with the subtle clicking noise closing the sphere creates. All in all EOS has proven to put much thought and consideration into tailoring their Lip Balm to fit the needs and pleasures women have and enjoy in their everyday lives.

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