Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge – Gold Winner for the Best CEO Category at the One Planet Awards, 2017

Troy McQuagge is a Chief Executive Officer of one of the top insurance companies in the United States, USHEALTH Group. Troy was recently named as the Gold Winner in the category of best CEO of the year at one of the prestigious global award ceremonies conducted by One Planet Awards. It is a global corporate award presentation, where companies from around the globe can participate irrespective of their scale, size, or age.

Different companies from various industries sent nominations for the category from around the world, but Troy McQuagge stole the show and brought pride to his firm, USHEALTH Group. The award aims to honor the businesses and executives who have demonstrated remarkable leadership and business skills and performed excellently in their respective markets. Troy at facebook .

Troy McQuagge has been with the USHEALTH Group for around seven years now, having joined the insurance firm in 2010. He helped make some of the significant changes in the company’s business machinery to inculcate new ideas and work culture, which helped the company to reach out to a wider audience, expand its operational territory, and achieve higher sales and revenue.

One of the first aims of Troy McQuagge after joining the USHEALTH Group was to completely overhaul and turnaround the operations of USHEALTH Advisors, which is a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. He was able to turn around the future of USHEALTH Advisors successfully and made it a profitable arm of the insurance company, which is what led him to be named the CEO and the President of USHEALTH Group.

Even though the insurance market is overcrowded with so many insurance companies operating in the sector, Troy McQuagge was able to devise effective business and market strategies that helped the firm penetrate the market efficiently. The company multiplied its turnover and profits by a considerable margin under the leadership of Troy McQuagge, and he continues to devise new and innovative insurance products in collaboration with his creative team and insurance specialists to help provide customers with greater benefits and coverage for less.

One of the primary objectives of the Troy McQuagge, as he mentioned at the One Planet Awards ceremony, is to make health care insurance affordable for the wider audience. Troy McQuagge has been associated with the insurance industry for years, and he understands the plight that the people are facing due to high healthcare services across the country. And, he aims, with the help of innovative and affordable product portfolio of USHEALTH Group, to make health care insurance affordable for one and all.

Troy McQuagge holds Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies degree from the University of Central Florida. Troy McQuagge is known for his ability to execute ideas and think out of the box when it comes to business and marketing, which is what, helped USHEALTH Group to become one of the most efficient yet affordable healthcare insurance providers in the country. for more .