UFC Women

UFC Women Destroy Sexual Predator

Women are beautiful and smart human beings. However, women are still the victims of prejudice, and most men feel that a woman should answer to their every beck and call. However, one particular man found out how deadly a woman scorn can truly be.

A San Francisco nightclub is the location in which a male scumbag decided to grab the backside of a female patron of the club. However, the man grabbed the wrong woman’s backside, and it turned out that the woman who was groped happened to be a UFC professional fighter. The incident only got uglier and more violent. Luckily, it was the man that was brutally beaten by the small UFC woman.

The female fighter told the large man that he cannot grab her like that, and he then replied by throwing a punch at her. The female fighter ducked, and she then took the large man down. When the man hit the ground, the female UFC fighter punched and elbowed his face in. The man was covered in blood, and it was clear that he had learned his Handy lesson, but not before another woman decided to kick him in the groin as hard as she could. It seems that justice was served on the dance floor of the San Francisco club, and the disgusting man quickly realized that he should never touch another woman again. MMAMania posted the entire story in a new article, and UFC fans should definitely check the story out.