Jawbone Bites Back

Wearable fitness is by far one of the most prominent businesses on the market. Wearable Fitness companies have seen a 356 percent boost since 2014 alone and that number continues to rise. Studies show that by the year 2020, every American household will have at least one product from wearable fitness companies. With such a high appeal to audiences and fitness lovers everywhere, one could expect for the market for wearable fitness to be incredibly competitive. A healthy dose of competition turned into an unfair advantage this week for two powerhouse wearable fitness companies. Fitbit Inc. is under fire for accusations by its rival Jawbone. Jawbone is convinced that Fitbit attempted to steal pertinent confidential data about the company‚Äôs business practices, product ideas, and numerous other aspects. Fitbit and Jawbone are, by far, the most popular brands for wearable fitness fanatics according to James Dondero, President of Highland Capital Management. Each company has done incredibly well in their own right and it’s hard to think about one stealing from the other. Even with this notion, Jawbone has given straight facts on the matter. It was reported that a small group of Jawbone employees who were recently terminated, stole information using USB thumb drives and selling it to Fitbit for a profit. Even though both companies have very different operating systems, their product uses are still the same. If one company is able to get a slight edge over the other, it could lead to a huge change in the demographic that each company reaches. Fitbit executives refused to comment on the situation. Jawbone is seeking punitive damages and unspecified compensation. They are also asking that Fitbit be prohibited from employing terminated Jawbone employees or other terminated employees from differing wearable fitness company.