The Lucrative Investment of Fine Wine As Explained by UKV PLC

Wine is an excellent investment because age makes it more desirable. Bordeaux seconds are worth 600 percent more than in 2003. Even in times of uncertainty fine wine is in demand. For ten years wine has outpaced art, stocks, and even gold. More people invest in wine than classic cars due to the returns of twelve to fifteen percent. Once a particular vintage has been consumed it can’t be replaced so as the supply decreases the prices appreciates. Since new grapes are consistently harvested the cycle always continues.

The interest in investing and drinking wine has surged in China, India, Russia, and Brazil. More than 1.8 bottles were purchased in 2013 and China has taken France’s place as the world leader. In 2017 the highest priced wine in history sold in Hong Kong for 1,035,000 pounds to an anonymous Asian buyer. Wine enthusiasm has spread all across the globe.

Prior to investing in wine it is advisable to speak with a financial advisor. The minimum recommended investment is 10,000 pounds. The best wine to purchase will be in global demand and have an excellent record. You should be aware of current values and hold onto your wine for five years. Visit UKV PLC’s Tumblr.

The wine sector is not taxed for capital gains. This is because wine is considered a wasting asset since its predictable life is fifty years or less. This makes wine an unusually efficient tax investment.

UKV PLC is one of the highest quality wine brokerages in the world and is located in the United Kingdom. The professionals are knowledgeable in the acquisition of wine and sell wine of high investment grades. UKV PLC acquires wine with prestigious labels from vineyards in France, Spain and Italy with an excellent representation from the Champagne region. Read full article:

Starting with the moment you make contact with UKV PLC the service you receive will be outstanding. A consultant will meet you at their Surrey office, their London office or in the privacy of your home. Once you are a client you can be assured a consultant will keep you informed regarding the markets current movements and trends.

UKV PLC Is Not Your Ordinary Winemaking Company

If you are aware if exactly what good winemaking entails, then you may be aware that the fruits that are contained in the beverage need to be completely settled into the liquid prior to packaging and shipping to the shelves of the stores that it will be offered for sale in. Many companies are not necessarily taking the time that is required to ensure the end-user are being provided with a quality product. What ends up occurring is the customer either becomes unsatisfied with the taste, or they feel sick after drinking it.

Why invest in a wine beverage that is not necessarily going to provide you with the quality that you need in a wine? If you would like to see whether UKV PLC is a product that you can depend on, then it is highly recommended for you to sort through the comments and feedback that it has received. Customers have attested to the high quality of product that it provides.

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UKV PLC is a brand that has been known to take its time and effort with the winemaking process. If you’re not quite sure about exactly how UKV PLC can benefit you, then it is recommended for you to ask a representative of the company about what it’s winemaking processes are. UKV PLC takes its time in making its products in the sense that they allow the fruits to completely settle into the liquid. Meaning, it is fully mixed so that the end-user can have assurance of knowing that each part of the liquid will be affected by the fruits, thus, giving a fulfilling taste.

UK Vintners Have A Decided Flavor Advantage

There is a large flavor advantage in the UK wine industry that is derived from the grapes that are grown in Britain. UK vintners are growing on soil that is not nearly as tropical as southern Europe, and they are getting a flavor that is different from everyone else. This article explains how the UK wine industry is improving every year on the strength of its grapes.

#1: How Are The Grapes Grown?

The grapes in England are grown no differently than they are anywhere else, but they are grown on soil that was hardened by English winters, cooled by the frequent rains in the country and grown under heavy winds that will blow the grape vines around. Someone who is attempting to grow a better wine will find help in England because all the soil in the area is so compacted.

#2: How Do They Make Wine?

There is a long tradition of UK vintners making wines in their own way, and they maintain their tradition every year while welcoming all the newest technology. They have been quite pleased with the way they are making wine, and UK Vintners are selling more online because of the unique nature of their wine brands over others.

#3: Wine Sales Online

The wine sales online are increasing every year because it is simple to sell online and ship to the customer. Someone who has taken the time to search for wines online will find many UK vintners who are selling online, and they will increase their volume every year as their online presence increases. Companies that are attempting to sell to more customers will find them online, and they will spend quite a lot of time selling and shipping to international clients.

The UK wine industry has grown to the point that many people know of their special flavors. Every wine tastes different because of the climate, and the wines are made in a tradition that has been around for some time. The wines may be ordered online easily, and they are quite a lot of fun to place on the dinner table.

A Large Collection of Wine from The Antique Wine Company

Knowing where to turn in order to locate antique wine that is no longer sold to the general public can be extremely difficult, but not impossible. Thanks to The Antique Wine Company, it is possible to locate just about any bottle that is desired, as long as it is old and rare. This company specializes in helping clients find exactly what they desire, and while not all wines are available still, The Antique Wine Company can help an individual find some of the very best wines out there.


The Antique Wine Company has been around since 1982 and is based out of London. Stephen Williams started the company, which now boasts over 20,000 different clients. While the company does not give out any sort of client information, many of these individuals range from wealthy business owners to celebrities and many world leaders as well. The company has collected exceptional vintage wines and has over 10,000 different bottles of the very best vintage in stock.  So, even if it does not have the wine in stock, it can help an individual locate the wine.


The Antique Wine Company works along side Viscount David Linley, who produced something that is known as the Grand Chataeu Series. These are specially handcrafted wine cabinets that are designed for the very best chateaux in Bordeaux. Each of this containers hold around 18 bottles from the different estates, which were produced either in the 20th or 21st contrary. These different collections of wine are designed to fit the needs of the purchaser as not every single container is going to be the same. The individual purchasing the container is able to work with The Antique Wine Company in order to determine what works best for them. Generally, when someone just wants The Antique Wine Company to make the selection for them, the price is going to be 149,000 pounds. However, it can go up from there. In fact, back in 2006, The Antique Wine Company sold a collection that cost $1.5 million, which is the highest amount of money ever paid for a collection of wine. One of the bottles dated back all the way to 1860, so there is a reason behind some of this.


However, The Antique Wine Company does not just sell large collections of wine. It also sells individual bottles. In fact, The Antique Wine Company holds the world record for selling the most expensive bottle of wine. It was a 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, which they sold for 75,000 pounds. The bottle ended up an individual who owns a few restaurants in Bali. He allowed the bottle of wine to be on display for patrons to look at, although he is going to eventually drink the bottle of wine.

The Antique Wine Company continues to purchase more wine and to grow its collection, in order to offer the very best wine selection for its patrons and ensure they are always happy.