S’well bottles feel the famous Oprah effect


Many small companies dream of receiving the Oprah effect, which is exactly what S’well water bottles received when the stainless steel bottles produced by the company were listed in O magazine as a must have, according to CNN. Founder Sarah Kauss states this provided her company with a sense of respectability and success that backed her decision to invest around $30,000 of her own money in the startup when she decided to take the development of a new style of water bottle seriously in 2009.

According to the S’well Wikipedia, Kauss was inspired in 2009 to develop her own line of insulated bottles that keep water cool for 24 hours and hot liquids warm for 12 hours by a talk at her five year business school reunion. As more than 50 billion plastic bottles are dumped into landfills across the US each year the chance to reduce this number with a reusable stainless steel bottle at an affordable price was something Kauss had been considering for a while. The talk by a professor on the water crisis across the world solidified the need for the more stylish bottles that could be used by executives and others who wanted a bottle more suited to city life than camping and hiking in the mind of Sarah Kauss.

The company is already in profit with revenues of around $10 million in 2014 and Kauss has expanded the environmental impact of the company to include a tree planting program. Major retailers like Starbucks now sell the S’well bottles and are making a major impact on the way people across the world use water and use bottles.

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