Learning about Alex Pall

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers was the subject of a very interesting interview by Interview Magazine. It was a fascinating look into the Chainsmokers origins and their future ambitions. Alex started his musical life as a DJ growing up around New York City. It was during this time that he meet his Chainsmokers band mate Andrew Taggart. Once they met they spent many hours discussing their musical interests and goals. One aspect the team really bonded over was their desire to really make it in the music industry. They wanted the Chainsmokers to have a unique sound that was unlike anything anyone had ever heard.

Soon the pair was working long nights to create a sound they could call their own, something different from the norm. As a team they would spend a lot of time debating whether they were making the right decisions when it came to new music or even the idea of album covers for their newest album. A major goal for the team has always been to keep things new and interesting.

During the interview Alex spoke about the process of writing new music. The team often uses song writers, but all the songs are about Alex and Andrew. This makes the album have a much better flow and is more intimate which the Chainsmokers fans love. According to Alex the social media site Instagram gives him the best view of who his fans really are. International fans are starting to make up a larger portion of the bands fan base. Having an equal split of boy and girl fans is something that makes the band very happy. Now that the band has expanded their audience they hope to also expand their live show. They have plans to make their next tour even more exciting than their last.

The Chainsmokers are Worth their Weight in Music

One of the world’s most successful musical groups is the Chainsmokers. This group is a two man duo that specializes in electronic dance music or EDM. They have been around since 2012 and have been making some chart topping songs which have catapulted the duo to international success. The Chainsmokers were rated the numbefr 59th top musical group in the world by Forbes magazine. This rating was based on their financial success as a group.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up the Chainsmokers. Together, they have a networth of $45 million dollars. This group are such big hit makers that they can command six figures just to host a party or event. If the event is on a major scale, the duo can expect millions for their appearance. Chainsmokers are so popular that they are getting themselves in many facets of society outside of music.

They are investing in startups, making appearances on football halftime shows and even helping people out with important charitable causes. Pall and Taggart are constantly staying busy with touring and getting involved with many different projects. This is one group that is showing no signs of slowing down.

In the recent past, they had hits such as Paris, Don’t Let Me Down featuring Daya and their international mega hit “Closer”. Late in 2018 the duo released This Feeling featuring Kelsea Ballerini, Beach House and Side Effects featuring the vocals of Emily Warren. Each of these songs are performing well with fans and they are helping the Chainsmokers to further cement their legacy as a profitable and successful group.

The Chainsmokers are now in a position where they can set trends within the industry. The group is that good. The groups stated in previous interviews that they were influenced by Avicii who had passed away. Now, the Chainsmokers are in a position to start influencing other groups and musicians. They have arrived and their financial success is cemented. Think about this: even if the Chainsmokers never made another hit song again (and retired); they still will be a very financial musical group for many years to come. The Chainsmokers are truly worth their financial weight in music.

The Chainsmokers Are Putting Things Together With New Changes To Their Music

The duo known as the Chainsmokers have released a new album that is unlike any of their other releases. The duo had been climbing the charts for sometime when they took a short break to work on the latest album. The latest album is giving fans a sneak peak into what their lives really look like. Their day to day lives can be seen by fans through the social media outlets and the posts that they share with others however, their music lets you in on the details of their lives.

It is through their new music the fans are able to better understand what the lives are like. The new music has brought in new artists to accompany the vocals of the Chainsmokers. One of the latest singles released by the Chainsmokers has vocals by Halsey. The singer lends her vocals to the song “Closer”. The song was thought of by the band and a good friend following a late night jam session on their tour bus one evening.

For the Chainsmokers, they wanted to let their fans in on their lives and knew that they would have to continue releasing new music if they wanted to stay on top of the charts. For some, it takes years to be able to release new music that puts them in the top spots in the music industry however for Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, they were able to quickly reach the top positions of the music charts.

When the new music arrived, the band wanted to make sure that everyone who was listening to their music knew their songs. They wanted an extra amount of time compared to previous releases in order for the fans to become familiar with their latest music. When they had done this and were confident that fans were happy with the changes made, they released another new single. Overall, the band had made enough changes for the fans that even more people were listening to the group. Fans were able to touch base with Alex and Andrew through social media accounts and they expressed how pleased they were to hear that people of all ages were enjoying their music.

Alex Pall Divulge Information about Chainsmokers Band

Alex Pall is a member of Chainsmokers Band and he was recently interviewed by Mathias Rosenzweig to find out what makes their music unique. He revealed that he started his music career as a DJ in New York and was facing a lot of difficulties before founding the band. He had a difficult time getting clients and relied on people who knew him to advertise his work. In the beginning, he did not take music DJing seriously and took It as a part-time job he loved. However, he soon realized that his love for dance music was great and decided to pursue it full time.

It was scary going full force on something he was not sure about, but he chose to follow his heart. He quit his full-time job to focus on dance music when he met Drew, the other member of Chainsmokers Band. Drew was still in college when they started working together and it was difficult finding time to meet. He admits that it was difficult venturing into dance music at a time when people did not understand it. People made fun of him for wearing V neck shirts. Luckily, the duo started getting shows and people loved their work. People requested for their music and performance when Avicii became famous. When asked about how they knew they could work together, Pall stated that they were serious from the beginning and knew what each could offer. They were both hungry for success and their passion for dance music kept them grounded.

Whenever the duo met, they talked about music and what they needed to do to push their brand. He admits that having similar values and visions enabled them to succeed and make it in the music industry. Although dance music was not popular when they started, they were not shaken by negative views about their work but kept pushing until doors opened. The band has worked with great artists like Halsey on the song “Closer,” which was loved by their fans. The opportunity to work with Halsey taught them a lot about the industry. Pall states that it has taken time for their music to pick up, but it is picking up and is becoming international. Their music is played around the world after hard work and patience.

Wengie, a YouTube Celebrity

YouTube has become one of the most popular websites in the world. With millions upon millions of people searching this website each day, it is no wonder that many people try to become successful through YouTube. There are many people with a decent number of subscribers; however, there are a few elite YouTube users who have earned the name ‘celebrities’. These YouTube celebrities have amassed millions of subscribers. That is one million people who decided not only to watch a video, but to hit the ‘subscribe’ button to keep in touch with all of the content that is being released by that particular YouTube celebrity.

Perhaps one of the most famous YouTube celebrities is Wengie. Wengie is an Australian YouTuber who makes videos on fashion and beauty. Wengie’s real name is Wendy Huang and she is of Chinese descent but grew up and currently resides in Australia. Wengie has her own website which can be found here, but her main focus is her YouTube channel, which has just shy of 1 million subscribers. She currently has over 250 videos on topics centered on beauty and fashion.

Wengie cites that her journey began after working in the corporate world for a few years. Shen then decided that a career path with blogging and internet business would allow her the kind of lifestyle of freedom that she desired. Wengie says that her first inspiration for her website was Singaporean blogger XiaXue. With her passion and interest for beauty and fashion, paired with her desire to create an online business, the Wonderful World of Wengie was created. Here, on her YouTube channel she gives her viewers styling and makeup tips and tutorials.

One of her main areas of focus, or niche, is make up for women of Asian background. This is because Wengie, being of Asian descent herself, feels there is a large lack of information out there for beauty and fashion for Asian women. She says there is plenty coverage on European and American, but Wengie hopes to bring more information about beauty and fashion to women of Asian background.