Cosmetic Entrepreneur, Doe Deere Inspires Lime Crime Fans Through Social Media


The CEO OF Lime Crime’s Cosmetics, Doe Deere, a successful pioneer of the internet cosmetic manufacturer trade model, introduces the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, with colors displayed on actual lips other than presenting them to you, crushed in pieces or swiped on a blank canvas.

After eight years of production, the motivated entrepreneur continues to apply that same exact creativity in making a fascinating social media experience for viewers that span the globe.

Instagram is without a doubt one of the many methods Lime Crime continues to innovate within the subject of ecommerce with the intention of creating the first class interactive shopping for those who have a passion for makeup around the world,” Deere defined. “Quite a few organizations use Instagram as simply another option to push product, but our purpose is to cultivate a enjoyable and fascinating community.”

Many of Lime Crime’s Instagram posts feature looks are pics from inspiring individuals using the hashtag ‘#limecrime,’ with starting from easy gorgeous ombre lips to difficult nail creativity. This same hashtag has been seen on Twitter as well. Sharing these portraits not only display their unique since of style, but in addition demonstrates what’s possible with just a little creativeness.

These cosmetics are from a corporation that is free of cruelty with the of hopes of sharing this kind of broad style of looks on its most widely followed social media platform will inspire their enthusiasts all over the world to be fearless in terms of hair, makeup, and trend.

“We’re always amazed by different kinds of the looks on each individual that use our products, and we like showcasing them,” Deere brought. “We’re extremely excited to see what they inspire you with next, and we hope they inspire others as much as they encourage us.”

Instagram follower snap shots are also hosted on the company’s website, so other shoppers can see what every product looks like in real life. For instance, when consumers browse a various lines of products on the website, they may be able to also view dozens of portraits of actual consumers sporting each and every color.

It’s major to us that our customers get a clear idea or image of what they think the product will look like on them, and Instagram makes it very possible for us to do this,” Deere shared. “By way of sharing our fan submitted photos straight on our web page, our fans can see our products paired with a style of different lipstick tones and hair colors.”

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