EOS Brings the Heat and Overshadows Chapstick

Chapstick executives may have never assumed that there was would another competitive force in the industry that would be able to do what EOS has done. It took someone like Evolution of Smooth founder Sanjiva Mehra to shake up the industry and prove that there was room for a new company at the top of the lip balm industry. He made sure that he created a marketing campaign that customers could appreciate, and he would make sure that his product emphasized one thing: smooth lips.

There are people that are going to be interested in this brand for many different reasons, but the most obvious reason is that it gives customers smooth lips. This is what is stated in the commercials. It is advertised as the product that gives customers smooth lips. The company is called the Evolution of Smooth. There are so many things that point towards the smoothness of this lip balm. This is a different marketing concept that has taken a different meaning in the lip balm industry.  Click on target.com for details.

According to Kline Research, EOS has been the company that has become responsible for the most significant growth in the oral care industry, hit on ebay.com for products’details.. This company is listed alone as the sole company that has increased growth. This says a lot about the growth when one considers all the other lip balm companies that have surfaced. For a useful reference, check on walgreens.com.

Chapstick products make people think of dry chapped lips. They are stuck with this name and there is no thought associated with this product other than that of having chapped lips. By contrast, the Evolution of Smooth lip balm gives people access to a product that gives people smooth lips. This is a much different approach to marketing. It makes people think of the products in a different way. This is a totally different marketing campaign.   For more, visit EOS  here.

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