EOS Lip Balm Review

Review of EOS Lip Balm

EOS Organic Lip Balm is a one of a kind lip balm that you will love and want to purchase again. This lip balm is far different than any lip balm product. In purchasing regular lip balms at the drug store you’ll recognize that most of them are hard and come in just a few different flavors. EOS lip balm is super smooth and even healthy for your lips! It is made with natural products that are %95 organic. They are also great because they come in a cute little sphere shaped container which is very different from the original cylindrical shaped tube. They also come in several different pastel colors and delicious flavors. They are absolutely adorable and will leave your lips feeling great!

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EOS lip balm had a massively amount of success shortly after they launched their new lip balm, see thedermreview.com. As soon as they hit the stores the shelves would empty quickly. Critics couldn’t get enough of these unique sphere shaped lip balms and their delicious flavors. EOS wanted a new product that was unlike any other, and they were successful in making one. Other companies fell in love with the products and even tried to mimic them. Go to makeupalley.com and browse more products.

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