Isabel dos Santos Transforms Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the wealthiest woman in Africa, according to Forbes research, her wealth has a net worth more than two billion US dollars. She is the first daughter of the former Angola president Jose dos Santos who is also a rich man. Dos Santos studied electrical engineering; she can work at her family business as the project engineer. She has also been employed in various organizations holding the top positions. Isabel dos Santos is devoted in all that she sets her mind to thus she has been recognized across the globe.

Isabel dos Santos has done many things which is not common among the rich people. She has invested back in Africa targeting the women and young generation. Isabel dos Santos understands the need for quality education, advanced technology, and entrepreneurship. According to Isabel dos Santos, these factors go hand in hand. Isabel has visited many institutions to mentor the future generation on the methods they can apply to prevent being dependent on their families. She supports innovative and inventive children by spending time discussing how they can make Africa a better continent. Some of the schools Isabel dos Santos has visited include Yale University where she transformed the way the students thought and gave them essential ideas on how to make a pleasant tomorrow.

Isabel dos Santos has also been in the front line to make Africa digitalized. She is the chairwoman of Unitel organization which is the number one mobile operator in Angola. Isabel dos Santos has funded the company’s project to provide the 4G network in Africa. She partnered with America and Google to ensure this project is a success. Google company was to supply high-quality fiber cables. By now the 4G network has created job opportunities for thousands of people as well as enrolling many clients.

Isabel dos Santos ensured that Angola had undergone the mobile digital revolution and now she aims at making technology in Africa digital, she disclosed the importance of advanced technology in Africa. She stated that Africans should be trained in how to apply modern technology in diverse business lines such as banking and agriculture to improve their living standards.