James Dondero Is More Than A Businessman, He’s A Humanitarian

James Dondero, calling home to Dallas, Texas, is the co-founder and current president for the company Highland Capital Management. For decades, James has been one of the key drivers in the equity and credit markets, where he has been working and gaining experience on different strategies for investments. James is also an active humanitarian, showing his constant support for giving back and helping out the community, through public policy, education, and other areas. He is also a standing chairman at Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical to offer up his ideas.

Before getting started at Highland Capital, James Dondero was the Managing Director for a GIC subsidiary, where he was able to help build the company’s total net worth upwards of $2 billion dollars in just a few years time. More recently, James Dondero has started up a partnership with Linda Owen, who is the former Woodall Rodgers park foundation President. This was done to monitor and expand further on the humanitarian activities for Highland Capital. Linda will be primarily responsible for the charity division of the company, where she will be carrying out the charity kit laid down by Highland.

In order to increase activity for philanthropic projects, a certain professional is needed to maintain and construct the private-public partnerships. Linda Owens ended up fitting the bill perfectly, which is seen by her impressive history of success when establishing effective company relationships. This is because Linda is dedicated to her mission of making a change for the better in the community.

Highland Capital currently maintains annual contributions to charity in huge amounts through the Dallas Foundation. They are dedicated to making a contribution to veterans, education, healthcare, and the Dallas community as a whole. Many local places and organizations benefit from the contributions that are made as well, such as the Heart Association, Uplist Education, Snowbell Express, and many others. Dondero and his dedicated team are able to provide guidance and extend their humanitarian goals through their partnerships with other companies.

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