Lime Crime Expands its Reach by Offering New Colors in its Unicorn Hair Collection

Lime Crime, a brand that innovates edgy looks and products in the realm of the beauty world, is nothing short of a revolutionary trend in the makeup market. It advertises its products as makeup for unicorns, providing a colorful palate for all types of individuals to confidently express their unique aesthetic.

Founder, CEO and owner Doe Deere began the company in 2008 with the intention of filling a gap in the market with bold and interesting colors meant for men and women alike.

The mission of Lime Crime extends beyond serving fashionable humans. The entire line is 100% vegan and cruelty free, meaning that no animal products or animal tests are allowed. This concept was taken one step further and the products are all Leaping Bunny certified, as well as PETA certified. These considerations show that the beauty line is interested in making an international statement about the importance of a conscious approach to products we use. Consequently, each purchase is an investment in a more humane way to manufacture makeup.

In addition to providing much needed alternatives in the beauty industry and engaging in ethical practices in the production of their lines, the company also stands out for its innovative attempt to create beauty products that are inclusive of all types of people.

Fans and buyers of the popular Unicorn Hair Collection will now have the opportunity to buy a new range of colors that will complement the previously available hair dyes. These new products are meant for those with naturally darker hair.

Anyone with black or brown hair understands the frustration of wanting to make a bold statement yet not being able to play with a wide palette of colors. This new line provides many new options for this demographic, and if one is not ready to commit to a whole new style, samples of each new color will be available on the company website.

In our contemporary world of beauty and fashion, there are countless options for all types of consumers. Lime Crime is a distinctive organization that has pioneered interesting, high quality, and appropriately sourced products that have been empowering customers for over nine years.

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