Mikhail Blagosklonny Gives an Overview of the Anti-Aging Drug That Rejuvenates Immunity

Back in 2014, a rapamycin analog, Everolimus proved that it could improve the immunity of old people. This has in turn increased research and the urge for increased immorality. The drug was predicted of being able to do away with the aging of which has arisen a crucial question of what will now cause of human death as aging will no longer be a factor. The view of aging as a disease and an attempt to cure it is not only viewed as misguided but also unscientific.Aging was initially viewed as a decline in function due to the increased random damage of molecules in the body of which was not preventable. Hyperfunction theory explained that it could do away with the aging belief by having ways like Target of Rapamycin that could predict and be used for disease prevention and aging treatment in humans. It has been said that the drug can also increase the life span that will be healthy if its dosage is well followed. According to research conducted, most people will respond positively to the drug.Nir Barzilai explained that they are happy for the innovation of the drug as it has proved to be a turning point in the field of research and has also improved all that pertains to aging. Aging can be defined as continuous development growth that is harmful and unintended.

About Rapamycin

Rapamycin was approved to be used in the medical field in 2006 when it was also made available. Rapamycin can also treat cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, cancer, and Autoimmunity not leaving out any disease associated with aging. The drug will also serve in disease prevention and the slowing down of senescence as an anti-aging drug. Rapamycin has been tested, and it is safe for it to be used on a daily basis so that it can carry on the patient for many years. The safety of the drug has already been proven by some volunteers in health through their study. The drug can change the immunity type of an aged fellow to the type of immunity an infant has.

Rapamycin drug is a well-tolerated and non-toxic that is administered orally on a daily basis. Research on the drug reveals that it is an excellent drug for any disease related to aging and has no side-effects. Rapamycin has some activities that are immunostimulatory and can increase one’s life span if it is used in required dosage.Rapamycin works on some genes by deactivating them which in turn increases the life span. Cell cycle arrest that is irreversible is converted to cellular senescence by Target of Rapamycin. The drug works by suppressing geroconversion. Numerous studies by scientists have shown that rapamycin prevents cancer. Rapamycin prevents most of the diseases related to the age of which are the key causes of death while aging. According to Michael Hall, discoverer of TOR, which is more like rapamycin said that the same drug could treat diseases associated with cardiovascular and cancer together with metabolic disorders.

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