Omar Yunes Driving Success and Prominence in Sushi Itto

Omar Yunes as a businessman has gained international fame as a result of his success. He gained critical acclaim once he joined Sushi Itto which is a Japanese food service network. Omar in his entrepreneurial undertakings has managed to enable a subsidiary of the company located in Mexico. Through him and the subsidiary he enabled, Sushi Itto won the Best Franchisee of the World award (BFW) in the year 2015. The ceremony where the company received the award took place in Florence, Italy and the main focus was to honor brands that are doing well in the franchising industry. Receiving the award gives a clear impression that as an entrepreneur he is giving his best and ensures that nothing less than success is achieved under his leadership.
Through hard work by Omar Yunes, Sushi Itto as a company currently has other offices in Veracruz as well as Puebla, amounting to 13 franchise units. Omar has worked hard since he started with one unit, making certain that his business expands even in other regions and not Mexico alone. This fact shows that he has an entrepreneurial mind and works hard to make the best out of what he is doing. Yunes ensures that his team of 400 employees develops innovative strategies and unique products at all times. Business in the present times is competitive and Yunes ensures that his company offers unique services for them to maintain their clients and attract even more.
Sushi Itto has generally done well because of Yunes and his commitment to business. He is an aggressive person when it comes to marketing his products. As a result of his commitment to serve all clients he has in the food industry. His brand has created job opportunities within the 13 Sushi Itto units. The company through Yunes has managed to establish and adopt an effective strategy of working as well as structure. The company has also created a new board which focuses on implementing the business strategies in line with what the company is dealing with and the industry under which it operates. Omar Yunes has been committed since he started dealing with business and since then he has been fully committed.

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