Sweetgreen’s Alternative Technological and Decentralized Business Strategy

Nathaniel Ru co-founded Fortune Entrepreneurs with his long time business enthusiast fellows, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. The three attended Georgetown University where they sat through the same entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. Another coincidental information about them is that all their parents were start-up business people and immigrants of the first generation.

Their restaurant company, Sweetgreen, is an exclusive provider of salads. The products offered by the firm have earned it a name as a leading organic, fresh, healthy and local food manufacturer among its competitors. Leading investors such as Danny Meyer, Daniel Bouloud, and Steve Case support the company.



The services and food at Sweetgreen attract long lines of waiting for customers in all of their 40 branches nationwide.Nathaniel Ru, one of the Sweetgreen’s CEOs, commented that his restaurant’s long-term goal is to feed more people in a more healthy way. The motivation to set up Sweetgreen was a result of an observation noting the previous lack of a healthy eating option in Georgetown. Sweetgreen restaurant company began operating in August 2007, after its establishment by the trio. After surviving the first winter campus break in winter, the founders were positive that the business would survive any future challenges.



The three created Sweetgreen three months after graduating from the business school in October 2016.It currently has 64 stores in the United States and more than 1700 employees. Sweetgreen is also actively involved in music, philanthropy, and technology.



Sweetegreen’s unique business strategy is the integration of the website and mobile apps to process their client’s transactions. The technology is a development of the combined tech skills of the three co-founders.

Another innovative business approach involves a strategy to continually build a close relationship with Sweetegreen’s clients by closing the corporate offices five times in a year. The several local restaurant administrators are then deployed to their locations to oversee the operations personally.


Sweetegreen’s administration is bicoastal. Hence the three CEOs do not see the need to appoint a headquarter office as revealed by Nathaniel Ru in an interview with Fortune. Nathaniel Ru told Fortune that the start-up business had taught him the importance of building a team early enough, that helps in some of the company’s.

He proceeded to say that his role model CEO is Kevin Plank, who leads the firm Under Armour. Besides Sweetgreen, Nathaniel’s favorite hotel is the memorable Little Serow, owned by Johnny Monis. He complimented the restaurant’s Northern Thai food and quality services.


In addition to co-heading Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru is the Principal of SWTLF Ventures

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