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HGGC Has Experienced A Recent Period Of Heavy Activity Which Has Prompted The Addition Of Six New Members To The Executive Leadership Team:

The San Francisco Bay area’s own private equity operation HGGC has experienced one of the busiest and productive periods in its decade-plus history recently. In response to this major period of activity, six new executives have been welcomed to the leadership team. This is in the wake of business activities that have included five different liquidity events and seven different platform investments. HGGC has also participated in sixteen different transactions of an add-on nature over this period of heavy activity. The individuals in question as a part of this move are Chad Clawson, Dan Stanko, Scott St. Clair, Matt Roesch, Bennett Nussbaum and Bill Conrad.
These new additions provide an increased ability for HGGC its execution capabilities and also in the area of sourcing. HGGC’s co-founder and Chief Executive is Richard Lawson and he has emphasized how excited the entire leadership team is to be able to bring these individuals into these new roles. This move is a combination of additions and promotions. Lawson has emphasized the fact that his firm puts a high premium on being able to both reward the talent that the company has developed internally as well as being able to bring in new talent from outside the firm. All of these individuals have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they bring with them to their new roles. As a part of this major announcement is the fact that Bill Conrad will now become a principal with the firm. Matt Roesch will ascend to a vice president’s position as a part of this move.
HGGC is one of the leading middle-market operations in the private equity industry today. The firm’s cumulative capital commitments currently stand in the area of $4.3 million for the operation that is based out of Palo Alto, California. Since its 2007 founding, HGGC has been involved in the completion of more than ninety investments in platforms as well as recapitalizations and liquidity events. The firm looks forward to further growth and success with the addition of the six new executive leadership positions that it has recently announced.