The Highly Anticipated Unicorn Hair Dyes by Lime Crime Have Arrived

A true Unicorn just isn’t a unicorn without the hair. It has taken Doe Deere and her team a whopping 3 years to formulate the highly anticipated “Unicorn Hair Dye”. It is currently available in 13 amazing colors and pairs perfectly with the line of spunky lip colors and eyeshadows available on

The Unicorn hair dye is certainly unique in more ways than one. Colors range from bubblegum pink to dark gray and are given names such as “Bunny” “Dirty Mermaid” and “Jello”. Each color is available in a full coverage and tint formula. While these colors may not be a preference amongst more modest folks, they are the perfect asset to Lime Crime followers.

While creating the product, Doe Deere has held the hair dye formulations to the same high standards as her other products. Not to mention a they are completely vegan and free of animal cruelty.

They are certainly worth a try. These hair dyes are free from harsh chemicals, such as ammonia and bleach, so they will not cause damage. They are also semi-permanent and will gradually fade after each shampoo. The hair color will last 8 to 12 washes. To speed up the removal of the hair color, it is recommended to use a clarifying shampoo.

For a super unique color, the hair dyes can be mixed according to preference. Lime Crime encourages mixing the colors for maximum creativity and self expression. At just $16 a jar, it’s worth buying a few colors.

Lime Crime was launched nearly a decade ago by Doe Deere, a Russian born native that moved to New York City when she was just 17. The colorful makeup company was born out of necessity when Doe found it difficult to spot colorful, heavy pigmented makeup to complete looks for her then fashion store on Ebay. She took matters into her own hands, created her own products. She was amazed at the amount of followers that ranted over her products and shared the same passion for true self-expression and freedom. Adding her colorful hair dyes to the product line was simply meant to be.

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