The Innovative Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith

Richard “Rick” Smith is the CEO of Securus Technologies Inc. The company specializes in prison technology industry and is currently the biggest corporations in business. Rick is different when compared to his corporate peers. He has an extensive experience in the engineering field hence his immense contribution to the company. His expertise gives him a distinct edge over his competitors. Smith got his Associate degree from the Rochester Institute of technology. He went on to get a Bachelor’s doctorate in Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Later on, he earned two Master Degrees in Mathematics and Engineering. One was from the State University of New York at Brockport and the other from the State University of New York. He crowned his education with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester.

Rick Smith’s professional still holds more accolades. It shows his remarkable commitment in business through his tenures in multiple positions over several companies. Under his leadership belt are big firms like Securus Technologies and Eschelon Telecom. Also, Smith has had other positions in Global crossing North American Inc. He has served on many company boards as well.With this in mind, it is no hard to see how Rick Smith has helped propel Securus Technologies Inc. into a great success. The central provision of the company is telecommunication services in prisons. Through their technology, inmates can communicate with their loved ones in the outside environs. Their tech includes both audio services and advanced video calling systems. These calls are made either by directly calling Securus systems or using the company’s innovative mobile applications.

The company’s technology is spread across numerous prisons. It is Rick Smith’s ambition that soon, every prison in the United States is served by Securus Technologies services. According to Smith, his goal is not just fueled by the success of the company. He also wants to provide inmates with better means of reaching their friends and families. In my point of view, innovation coupled with his empathy towards his primary clients are the main reasons behind his tremendous success in the industry.Rick and his company have been receiving positive feedback through the mails. They mainly thank Securus for adequate provision of services. Also, the letters attest to the enterprise role in keeping the inmates and their families safer. Smith responds by reassuring the public that it is part of their job and it will continue and improve over time.The company was founded in 1986, and it is situated in Texas and Georgia. It employs over 1000 employees that serve the 2,600 contracts it reports to hold. In the United States and Canada, the company has a client base of over 2,200 Correctional Facilities. In 2016 they announced to have invested $600 million in technologies and patents over three years.

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