The role of Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory in the growth of startups.

Swiss Startup Factory is a Switzerland company founded in Zurich in the year 2014. Its main role is to support budding and nascent start-up companies in the areas of digital technology. The Swiss Startup Factory has a 3 months accelerator program where budding entrepreneurs join for mentoring and coaching on the important aspects of startups growth. The main areas covered are administrative, financial, office space, human resource and investor network management.

At the Swiss Startup Factory, digital technologies companies are taken through an accelerator program that is intended to give the beginners the power to drive their companies to global level or multinational levels. After the start-up program, the best startup ideas are chosen and are developed in such a way that they can attract investors to invest in them. So, this is not only a matter of mentoring but also financial assistance is accorded to companies with brilliant concepts and which investors find attractive for their money.

Wondering why Switzerland is among the leading countries in the world in terms of employment and has a big economy that has largely invested in the technology sector. The Swiss Startup Factory is the answer. The company has supported numerous startups that have affected the economy of Switzerland in a great way. Not only have they helped the economy, they have supported in addressing some of the major issues that are not addressed by large technology companies. The startups have the advantage of being able to have the touch with the end users and who get the real experience of on the ground. Also, there are many issues that the big technology companies cannot address. The small problems members of the society face especially in small numbers which do not make economic sense for the big players gets addressed by start-ups. The Swiss Startup Factory gives these small companies also to interact with the big players who advise them accordingly on the steps they should undertake to thrive well.

Swiss startup factory is a creation of Mike Baur. Mike Baur started off as a banker working in the financial sector in various banks in Switzerland. He later dropped from the career and started his own venture, the SSUF with the aim of helping beginners deal with issues that affect start-up companies. Mike Baur uses his education and experience in the financial career to advise new entrepreneur on what it takes to grow a company. His role in revolutionizing the technology sector in Switzerland has been enormous.

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