Using Beneful to Weed Out Your Dog’s Protein Intolerance

Constant scratching, biting and rubbing may indicate fleas in dogs, but sometimes the trigger is an allergy. More often than not, your pet is allergic to a certain ingredient. Many pet owners try varying the menu for a few days, like changing from Beneful’s chicken adult dog food to Beneful’s lamb and pork. Owners forget that pet food is similar to our own menu, and certain diets are not a good fit for every dog. We’ll get to more about how to use Beneful to weed out an intolerance.

Dog food is full of various meats, processed proteins, additives, and natural dyes which can impact your dog’s immune system. The longer a dog is exposed to these foods, the sooner they can develop an allergy.

Keep in mind, many breeds also have a predisposition to allergies, like German Sheppard, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Irish Settlers, and Dachshunds. Certain breeds carry antigens in their bloodstream, which in turn, causes the body’s immune system to over react. It sends out antibodies that lead to inflammation. This process is called “sensitization” but it’s easy to resolve by simply removing the intolerant ingredient from your pets diet.

How do you know if your dog has a food allergy? Some of the typical symptoms include chronic recurrent inflammation of the ears, itching, skin problems, stomach problems, gas, back itching, licking feet, and yeast infections. If you notice hair loss, hot spots, or skin infections, and depending on how bad the problem is, you should have a vet run tests to see if the pet will quickly respond to antibiotics.

It takes Detective Work to Determine a Food Allergy in your Dog

80% of food allergies in dogs are caused by their predisposition to the ingredients in dog food; not the dog food itself, but a predisposition to an ingredient. Many owners are confused by that fact. Just like humans, some pets are allergic to menu items like seafood and even beef, and some have an intolerance to dairy products. For example, the German Sheppard breed has poor digestion and certain sensitivities to food, so pet owners should feed this breed lamb and brown rice, which are easier to digest.

Your vet will more than likely tell you try an elimination diet to find the guilty ingredient that’s causing your pet grief. Many pet owners stick with the same brand of food and simply try a different meal. A good example is switching from Beneful dry dog food in beef to their prepared meals in lamb stew.

One of the benefits of using Beneful’s dog food is that their menu of products work really well for an elimination diet. Pet owners can quickly switch from dry to wet meals, or vice-versa, and conveniently buy a single meal in different proteins until the allergy becomes known. Beneful also works well for digestion issues by offering different textured foods.

Once the symptoms have declined, you’ll know which of the suspect foods to eliminate from your dog’s diet.

Bear in mind that the allergic reaction can also occur from medical issues, like flea bites, dust mites, or your pet could have an intolerance to a household cleaner. What you may consider an allergy, could be a whole other problem.

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